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Japanese Jewish Page

Japanese Computer Page

Language, Culture and Dialect

Japanese Language and Computers
Kanji Links by the Kanji Names Project
Linguistics Web Sites In Japan
Society for Writers, Editors and Translators (SWET)
Teach Yourself Japanese
The Japan of Today from the Japan Information Network
How to Use Japanese on the Internet
Japanese Folktales
Japanese Idioms
Names of the months and days of week


Health/Medical Internet Sites Links
FDA: "Class II Device" referenced at bottom of page
Nikken Home Page
Pip-Fujimoto Elekiban the Japanese source
JAHPRON Elekiban from Norway
Magnetic Therapy Products from amazon.com

Dining and Food

Tokyo Food Guide
Osaka Sushi Home Page
Roll Your Own Sushi


Hinoeuma Home Page


Computer Karaoke
Den's Oldies Lyrics
Karaoke On FTP [Japanese]
Karaoke and MIDI files [Japanese]
Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide
MIDI On The Macintosh
MIDI File Search Engine
Uewo Muite Aruko


International University of Otaku

Paranormal in Japan

Japanese Superstition

Ishin denshin "soul to soul"

Laying Hold of the Challenges: Cultural Obstacles for Technical Writing by Jerold A. DeHart
What place does tradition have in Zen? I shin den shin, from my soul to your soul
"Ishindenshin" by the Yellow Magic Orchestra (1983)
Ishin Denshin- non verbal cues

Other Spots in Japan

Aikido Student Guide
Bioethics for the People by the People
Japanese Legendary Lives
Legendary and Historical Japanese People
Nagano in Four Seasons
Tokugawa Art Museum

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