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These companies provide free downloads and social networking tools, avatars and ringtones for people living in Japan. Japanese residents are eligible to download from these web sites. Most of these offers are free downloads, social networking, Japanese music and ring tones.


(ちゃくめろ ) 着メロ Chakumero is short for chakushin meaning (arrival) melody. It is also a popular name for Japanese ringtones or ring tone melodies.

Chakumero (also chaku mero) are melodies, or part of songs, that are downloaded to a cell phone or iPhone. The song plays when someone is trying to call. Karaoke versions are also available. Different chaku mero can be assigned to specific callers, if your cell phone has the capability.

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Ringtone Mania!: Gold (Ringtone series) (ペーパーバック)

CellPhone Tunes Mobile (著) The second in the series of Ringtone Mania! Over 200 new musical ringtones in each book. Suitable for Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Siemens phones. Features chart hits, film themes, TV themes, rock classics and classical favourites. Japanese residents can shop through

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