Kabbalah Secrets

Kabbalah and the Mysteries of the Book of Creation

By Robert Zucker

Explore the mysteries of the Qabalah, Sefer Yetzirah, Sefer Raziel, and other great wonders of the Universe. Select a gateway: a Psychology & Other Phenomenon.

The Oral Teachings of the Kabbalah contain the hidden meanings of manuscripts scribed mostly in the early centuries after the birth of Christ and a resurgence in the Middle Ages among the Sephardic and eventually Hasidic Jewish communities.

This is a compilation of decades of study into Kabbalah (Qabalah) and the "Sefer Yetzirah" or Book of Formation (Book of Creation) and the result of the first of several books on Kabbalah's Secret Circles. Download a free sample PDF of this book.

Kabbalah has its roots deep in early Judaism religion. The Jewish Kabbalah examines the Visions of the Chariot by Ezekiel, the Bahir, the Merkabah and the Sefer Yetzirah.

These written works, including the Torah, provide the cornerstones of understanding this mystical practice. While the true knowledge is buried deep in the Hebrew language, Christian Kabbalah of the Middle Ages also helped bring these mystic names and words into the western world.

Jewish Kabbalists follow to the letter of the Hebrew alphabet in its original inscription. Christian Cabalists interpret these Judaic teachings through the veil of their religion. This site focuses on the Jewish Kabbalah. But, Kabbalah is not a religion. It is a meditative look into one’s soul and into the reflection of a greater energy. Continue reading about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert ZuckerNew Book on Kabbalah Secrets Now Published!

These pages are from the new book on the legends and history of the Kabbalah, Kabbalah's Secret Circles,

Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. Also, download other free books on Kabbalah. This book is available on Amazon.com.


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