"Sefer Yetzirah" "Book of Formation"

Sefer Yetzirah Book of Creation or FormationThe Kabbalah Study Guide: ha-Sepher Yetzirah

The "Sefer Yetzirah" has evoked speculation and controversary for centuries.

This is the gateway to an eventual comprehensive computerized study of this mysterious manuscript which has influenced Judaism, Christianity, Occultism, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Science and Psychology.

I have spent nearly thirty years studying, probing, translating and testing the chapters of this manuscript and hope to soon reveal some surprising findings not often mentioned, or not even discussed yet.

Most of the material is still in handwritten notes. Much will be uploaded and linked as a sample to a full book, and FilemakerPro files. Read parts of the Sefer Yetzirah study online.

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OVERVIEW The Ancient Manuscript: Sefer Yetzirah/Sefer Yetsirah


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