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AZ Water Association video contest

Arizona Town Hall is pleased to announce that the AZ Water Association has launched a video contest about the importance of water. The contest will culminate with viewing of the top three videos and the award of cash prizes during the Tuesday, November 17 lunch program at the 107th Town Hall "Keeping Arizona's Water Glass Full."

The contest invites submission of short videos (no more than two minutes in length) that tell the story of why water is important to you, or what you are doing in recognition of water's importance.

Submissions must be posted to the AZ Water Association's Facebook page at fb.me/azwaterassociation by midnight MST on November 6, 2015. Official rules and submission details, as well as helpful links to substantive information, are available on AZ Water Association's site at www.azwater.org/contest.

Join the fun in one of the following ways:

• Combine your interest in public policy with your creative talents, and enter your own video in the contest.
• Forward information about the video contest to aspiring filmmakers you may know, including students, teachers, water experts, and others.
• Plan to attend the Town Hall luncheon on November 17; consider becoming a table sponsor for the luncheon, or simply bring guests or encourage others to attend.

For more information about attending the Tuesday, November 17 luncheon program, visit www.aztownhall.org/Upcoming_Town_Hall.

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