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By Josie Oden
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Since Phoenix is the Arizona State capital, many people come here to speak about the issues our government deals with. Lobbyists and government officials alike push for their voice to be heard above the din while the voters shake their heads at the sight.

There is much more to this grand city named for the fabled bird of Egyptian lore. The urban sprawl that reaches out in every direction, galleries, shops and malls without number, national parks and wildlife preserves that insure a place for wildlife within a few minutes of the cities edge, several natural and man made lakes for swimming and boating enjoyment, and many other interconnected cities, make up several facets of the whole. This Metropolitan city area is full of contrast, with skyscrapers standing across the street from old historical homes, and new streets crossing old fashioned roads. The lifestyle is not quite as laid back as in other towns. This is a bustling city with lots of people, big businesses, and industry.

The Phoenix area is just a short hour and a half away. This is the place to go for motor boat racing and lots more. The Phoenix area is made up of several cities, including Tempe, Litchfield Park, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Metropolitan Phoenix area. It does have lots of congestion traffic department, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you want.

Phoenix is a great city to visit and not because it is the seat of Arizona's Government. The State capital has lots of people, lots of events, and lots of amazing things to do. It is the city lover's dream vacation with tons of shopping, dining, theatre, music, and more. Of course, with everything going on in this huge metropolis area, a person can easily get lost. It isn't the streets that make a person lose their way, just all of the different directions the natives can give. If vacationing here, rent a cab, take a bus, or keep several detailed maps and use lots of patience. Having been in Phoenix for extended periods myself, I suggest taking buses or any other form of transportation available. This city has narrow streets, several on-ramps/off ramps, and thousands of cars often driving at a snails pace. Even with all the room Phoenix has, it hasn't really discovered three and four lane (each direction) roads yet (unlike Tucson).

It is preferable to rent a cab or take a bus in this city, due to the congestion and size. The streets aren't that wide and all of the traffic can become a headache quickly. Phoenix isn't hard to figure out if you have a map, just has lots and lots of cars and on/off ramps directing the flow. Buses are great because they allow someone else to fight traffic, they're economical, ecologically sound, and comfortable. It is also easier to get good directions. As with any community, there are almost as many ways to get to a single place as there are people to give directions.

It won't be long before it has a reputation for congestion, not unlike Los Angeles. Besides, the buses are comfortable, economical, ecological, and help save visitors the headaches of finding convenient parking spaces. There are lots of outdoor sports to partake of (for those not into the city thing). The city has quite a large amount of space that is protected through the parks and recreation department. Several thousand acres outside of the city limits have been set aside as preserves and federal parks for the pleasure of future generations. There are lots of nature attractions here just like in Tucson. The urban sprawl is something Phoenix people pride themselves in having. Unlike the Eastern States, Phoenix and all of Arizona's communities gives residents and visitors alike some breathing room. Fewer houses per block mean wider spaces for the residents. This is a philosophy that all of Arizona holds dear to it's heart. If looking for elbow room, the South-west is the place to go.

Some places to check out while in Phoenix include the Old State Capital, Heritage Square, Rosson House, Siva House and other historical houses in the Heritage Square, The Civic Plaza and Convention Center, Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum, Castle and Coaster Amusement Park, Kachina Gallery and many other fine places. For the outdoors lover there is Squaw Peak Mountain Park, South Mountain Park, Phoenix Zoo, and the Desert Botanical Garden among others to experience. The Phoenix Visitors center has brochures galore on the endless number of fun things to do. Stop in and find out what there is to do or write to the Phoenix and Valley of The Sun Convention and Visitors Bureau, 400 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 600, Phoenix Az. 85004-2290, or call (602) 254-6500.

The Phoenix metropolitan area encompasses several smaller cities that have many exciting things happening as well. Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and many smaller communities are places in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Litchfield Park is one example of a residential and farming community instead of a cultural art center. Paradise Valley is one of the nice communities outside of Phoenix. The community is sandwiched between Phoenix city limits and Scottsdale city limits. The Paradise Valley area inside Phoenix City limits is more of a resort area than a town with lots of amenities for the visitor to enjoy.

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