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Archived copies of the newspapers pblished by Robert E. Zucker, and covers are digital stored in several locations online. Robert Zucker started newspaper publishing in 1977 with the Youth Alternatives Press, published through the Tucson YWCA. Successive publication titles included Youth Awareness Press, Tucson Teen, The Magazine and the Entertainment Magazine. Most recent titles include Tucson Chronices and Arizona Bookstore.

Web Sites

Entertainment Magazine Online: http://EMOL.org

AZentertain: http://AZetertain.com

EntertainTucson (For the book Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades): http://EntertainTucson.com

TucsonCronicles (for the book Treasures of the Santa Catalinas): http://TucsonChronicles.com

Robert Zucker Web Site: http://Robert-Zucker.com

Newspapers Published

Youth Alternatives

Tucson Teen


Entertainment Magazine

2015 February Tucson Chronicles “Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains”

2017 September Arizona Bookstore Books published through BZB Publishing

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