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emCommunity and Entertainment Magazine On Line can provide everything you need to have your own domain, begin or expand your web site, get Internet access or email. You do not need to have an emCommunity for these services. Web and email accounts are for clients with web sites only.

Contact [email protected] before you make your payments to be sure you are ordering the correct services and for personal assistance to set up your service.

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emBusiness Community

Standard web site Includes server space (5MB) and FTP access to store your web pages and images.

Can be managed by yourself or contracted to us for web design (see below for hourly rates to produce and manage your site).

Includes a FREE emCommunity web site with all interactive features.

  • 5MB server space (expandable)
  • 24hour/7 day a week FTP access
  • Secure password access
  • cgi-bin
  • Administrative reports- user stats, error log, link checker

emCommunity business web site includes all interactive features to manage a "club" for members, fans, customers and visitors. Restrict access to members, manage site design and templates, view reports, send email to members and more.

For technical support, HTML coding, production or site design assistance, please see web design for costs to help you produce your emCommunity.

All features and page templates are controlled by the owner. HTML coding can change text introductions. Participation privileges can be extended or restricted to visitors and members. Flexible options and a variety of uses.

All communities include:

  • talk forum
  • news postings
  • shared notes
  • shared links
  • address book
  • to do list
  • photo gallery (500k space - can be increased - see web hosting)
  • ownership management and control of membership access
  • owner management of email to membership
  • free ad banner rotation and administration of statistics

Only commercial communities that are contracted with the Standard Web Site are allowed.

$399/per year

Make A Payment

Domain Registration (

includes application and registration costs, and first 2 years fee to InterNIC's domain registration. $35/annual fee to InterNIC afterwards to maintain domain.

$199/one time

Make A Payment

Domain Migration (

move your domain and web site to emCommunity to host on our server

$99/one time

Make A Payment

Additional Server Space

Increase your web space (emCOmmunity or EM client) by 2MB increments. Discount for space more than 10MB. Contact [email protected] to increase your quota.

$5/mth per 2MB

Make A Payment

Web Design and Production

We can help design your emCommunity- produce web pages, design full sites, create web images, forms or provide the technical assistance to learn to do it yourself.

$35/hr web design

or quote by project

Make A Payment

 PayPal and Commerce

We can provide the links you need to conduct commerce through your emCommunity or web site. Each link brings the customer through a secure site managed by PayPal, one of the largest and secure payment systems on the Internet. Full service shopping carts for multiple items will be available soon. We do not charge your transactions. PayPal does have a small transaction fee, but accepts customers credit cards and check and deposits it directly into your account. For more information.

$10 per link

Make A Payment

Internet Browsing Account

Use Microsoft Explorer or Netscape to "dial up" view web sites and other Internet features. 130 hours a month. Maximum 56k (not all phone lines can reach that maximum). Can be matched with e-mail account ([email protected] or [email protected]). Uses PPP.

$19/per month, combins browsing and an e-mail account

Make A Payment

E-Mail Account

Send and receive unlimited e-mail to your computer ([email protected] or [email protected]). Use any email program on a PC or Mac.

$10/per month

$7/per additional accounts

Make A Payment, a longtime reputable ISP located in Tucson, Arizona. has been providing hosting services for since 1995.

emCommunity is a web project of , a electronic publication published by Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt organization founded in 1977. Robert Zucker, founder and publisher.

To have us provide any of your services, email: [email protected]

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