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Since EMOL.org (EntertainmentMagazine.net) went online in January 1995, the web site has received awards and recognitions from these and other sites:

REVIEW from "Excite," an Internet search and directory service featured by Netscape: "Here's an example of what an electronic magazine can do that a traditional one can't- link to everything under the sun. And in Tucson, where EMOL is based, that's a lot of sun. Readers get the latest features and short stories, info on Tucson nightlife, movies, tourism and events. There's an online mall, restaurant menus, business info- even pictures of the Grand Canyon."

FOUR STAR RATING REVIEW from "Magellan" (McKinley's Internet Directory), "This may be the first site to lump parapsychology and virtual reality together, especially as a component of the entertainment section. EMOL, the Entertainment Magazine On-Line, covers events and news in the world of entertainment for Tuscon (sic) and Phoenix, Arizona. The movie section tells you what's showing in Tuscon (sic), offers a page full of links to film studios, and keeps its own archive of video clips. Although the organization is rather arbitrary, there are some unique features here, such as a University of Arizona Internet publishing courses, a guide to nightlife in Tuscon (sic), and op/ed articles on topics like bullfighting and all foliage.

Star Tech 1999 Mousey Web SIte Awards (Arizona Daily Star's azstarnet.com)

NetGuide's "Gold Award"

LookSmart's "The Editor's Choice"

Lycos City Guide USA

Glen Campbell's "Goodtime Family Site" Feb. 1997

City of Tucson Copper Plaque

From the Office of the Mayor
Greeting to YOUTH AWARENESS PRESS. In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the City of Tucson in your many endeavors. I, on behalf of all citizens of this community, am pleased to bestow upon you the title of:
The Sunshine City
Given under myhand and the seal of the City of Tucson, Arizona, this 20th day of March, 1980.
L.C. Murphy, Mayor
Attest: Donald L. DeMent, City Clerk

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