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Tucson Teen Newspaper Goes Online

(11/3/95) One of the nation's first newspapers for teenagers is now one of the nation's first on-line web sites for young people- Teen Online.

Teen Online provides youth with a medium to communicate with their peers and an opportunity for young journalists to publish their work. As an electronic forum for Tucson youth, the publication is linked to high school newspapers on-line, student home pages, sports, events and other sections of interest. Internet links to games, resources and publications outside of Tucson are also featured.

The Tucson Teen newspaper was first published in 1977 from Tucson, Arizona. It was a pioneer community newspaper because it was one of the first citywide tabloid newspapers produced for and by young people. At that time, the publication was called "Youth Awareness Press."

Hundreds of students from all school districts in the metropolitan area participated as reporters, editors and interns. Newspaper offices were arranged in several schools around the city for teen staff to work on their articles. The main offices were at the Tucson YWCA building until 1986.

After publishing monthly through the 1990's, Tucson Teen merged with its sister publication the Entertainment Magazine. EM now publishes as EMOL.org (Entertainment Magazine On-Line) and shares cyberspace together with the Teen Online.

EMOL.org publisher Robert Zucker started the Tucson Teen through the Tucson YWCA with funding from various sources, including the United Way of Greater Tucson, City of Tucson, Pima County Juvenile Justice Collaboration, and in later years, advertising support from local and national businesses.

Any teen can become an online reporter for Teen Online. All contributory work will be credited online. Some reporters or editors may be eligible for school credit for their participation. Contact [email protected].

Tucson Teen/Teen Online is published by SW Alternatives Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization founded in 1977. The online publication will produce commercial Home Pages for teen-related businesses. That revenue will sponsor its editorial sections. Businesses can have Internet presence for very little cost.

Teen-related url's, news, sports and other information can be considered to be posted or linked to Tucson Teen Online. Tucson Teen can be contacted several ways on and off line:

Web: http://emol.org/emol/teenonline/
E-Mail: [email protected]
S-Mail: P.O. Box 91317, Tucson, Arizona 85752
Contact: Robert Zucker, publisher

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