EMOL.org WebWork Pricing

EMOL.org Web Publishing Services are provided to commercial and non-commercial web sites. Services include:

Web Page Production
Web Site Design
Web Site Maintenance and Hosting
Off-Site Remote Hosting

When EMOL.org produces your web site, your home page is linked throughout our large 40+ megabyte web site that receives 30-40,000 HTML hits a week from around the world.

EMOL.org can manage and update your web pages or have your own 7 day/24 hour access for unlimited uploads.

All commercial support helps sponsor non-profit organization's Internet presence through EMOL.org.

Home Pages prepared by EMOL.org

Your web page can be produced by EMOL.org and hosted on our server or another server. Rates are discounted for bulk pages and attachments. Special web site packages can be custom designed with forms and other interactivity.

Business Card $99/yr (Screen size, one image, e-mail link)

Home Page $199/yr (Full web page, 2 images, e-mail link)

Additional Pages w/2 images, text; $75 per page/$15 per month

Additional Attachments $5 per scan/$5 month

Upload fee $8/each uploading (non-EMOL produced)

Page Text Revisions (per 8 1/2"x11"); $30/beginning, includes upload

Manage Your Own Web Space

24 FTP Access to your own server space with unlimited uploads. There is no additional charge to update or add pages you upload. Space charged by the megabyte per month. 5 MB. The Opus 1 server runs "industrial strength" OpenVMS systems, not UNIX or Windows NT. Opus1 is confident that all servers are secured and safe from hackers. For e-mail and Internet accounts, see below

24 hour/7 day (24/7) ftp access to your directory
password protected

Monthly Space Fee per 5MB $45 a month
Additional MB $7.50

E-Mail & Dial Up Services

E-Mail message phone relay (w/o computers) .25 cents per relay (to sender) No charge to receive

E-Mail Link to FAX set up; $15 one time fee

Dial Up PPP Account up to 150 hours PPP, browser access and e-mail per month, ftp; $20 set up/$25 a month

E-Mail Account [email protected] w/o shell or PPP $20 set up/$10 a month

E-Mail Forward e-mail from your web page; $15/set up

Other Web Services

Forms, clickable items, forums, etc. sent e-mail $45 to start, priced by hour or job User Statistical Reports $20 one time/$99 year
Classified Ad with link; URL link $5
Link Registration to search engines, directories other sites, etc. $5
Consultation, programming, research, etc. priced by the hour or job (starting at $35/hr)
Ask about other features, including Nihongo (Japanese) translation of your web pages

Domain Registration

Domain Alias (www.yourbusiness.com). Your domain alias is registered with the InterNIC, the official registry of domain names; includes server fees. Annual renewal fees to InterNIC paid directly. One time charge. $275/set up

For personal attention, answer questions or place a Webwork order, please e-mail: [email protected]

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