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Arrange an exchange- your accommodations are FREE

A Vacation Alternative

Home Exchange is the fast growing vacation alternative to experience an area as a local, not a tourist, and save thousands of dollars in the process.

The concept is simple, « You stay in my home while I stay in yours ».

It works for families with children, retired people, young singles, international vacations, regional vacations, even weekend trips. And when you arrange an exchange, your accommodations are FREE. There are no per-exchange or per-day charges.

Just pick a country and look at the Listings. Every Listing is a Member who is waiting (and sending) exchange inquiries. You will see the variety, the number and the quality of the homes.

Exchange homes from around the world!

Home Exchange currently has over 20,000+ Listings in 100+ countries, with most of them in high demand tourism areas. They have a network of websites offering the program in 7 languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese, so they are constantly adding new Listings from around the world. Check out the Listings.

Because Members are exchanging homes, accommodations are free and a HomeExchange vacation costs no more than the transportation cost of getting there. Cars are often exchanged, and many meals can be taken at your home away from home. That could mean savings of thousands of dollars,

Weekend home exchange vacations are a fast growing trend. It is more comfortable than a hotel vacation, and you get to experience an area as a local, not a tourist, shopping at local markets and getting personal recommendations for places to go, things to see and restaurants to try, from your exchange partner and neighbors.

HomeExchange Members are all demographics ; retired, families, empty nesters, but mostly upper middle class, professionals, business managers and teachers. Home exchangers often seek out partners with similar interests, such as running, hiking, sailing, yoga, etc.

Established in 1992, HomeExchange has been featured in major media worldwide, including the TODAY Show, New York Times, Newsweek, and as the website used by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet when arranging their own home exchange in the SONY motion picture THE HOLIDAY.

In 14 years and tens of thousands of exchanges, Home Exchange never had a report of a theft, malicious vandalism, or a case of someone getting to their exchange home and finding a vacant lot.

Think of home exchange as Internet Dating for your home. Before you would actually go on a date with someone you met on the internet, you would exchange some emails, talk on the phone a few times, and swap recent photos. By the time you agreed to meet, it wouldn't be with a "stranger". The same goes for a home exchange. Also, a lot of people exchange their second homes, which allows more flexibility.

Unlimited exchanges

Membership allows unlimited exchanges and costs only $99.95 USD per year, with no additional per-exchange or per-day charges.

Unlimited means you can make as many exchanges as you want and there are no other charges, no per-day charges or per-exchange charges, either to your exchange partner or to HomeExchange.

Home Exchange means free accommodations.

Home Exchange is so confident that you will find a home exchange partner that if within the first year of listing your property with them you don't complete a home exchange, they will extend your property listing on their site for one year for free. This does not apply to rental listings.

Make yourself at home anywhere in the world, live like a local and stay for FREE. 18,000+ Worldwide Listings

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Home Exchange

Over 20,000+ Listings in 100+ countries

Home Exchange is the vacation alternative where you stay in my house and I stay in yours.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Click on a country or state where you want to go.

2. Click on an interesting Listing

3. Send a privacy protected email to that Listing directly from the site

Of course, with your own Listing posted, you will be getting inquiries from around the world.

No more hotel bills! Unlimited accommodations only $100 USD > Check out the Listings.

Home Swap with Handicap Access. Live like a local - Stay for FREE. 18,000+ Worldwide Listings, over 1,200 with wheelchair access.