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Do not take life for granted. Life will bring challenges to each of us. Health issues, divorce, job loss, just to name a few.

I think that we all take life for granted until something happens. Then we are forced to look at things differently and rethink what is really important.

Challenge brings on emotions of fear, strength and faith in god and ourselves.

Challenge can be a life changing experience that we can learn from. It makes us re-evaluate our relationships with loved ones and friends.

So, face your challenge the outcome will make you a stronger person and you will get through things you never thought you could. Vickie Dunne

To My Grandchild

I am going to have my first Grandchild in December.

I do not even know you yet and I already love you.

I know you are going to bring lots of joy and happiness to our family.

This is a miracle and a true blessing from God. 

With all my Love your Grandma. 

Vickie Dunne