Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc.

Southwest Altneratives Institute Mission

Southwest Alternatives Institute., (SAI), a 501(C)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization has provided non-profit sponsorship for Tucson, Arizona projects since 1977. SAl's non-profit status is for educational, cultural and literary purposes. SAI was formed to assist the development of significant non-profit community and cultural alternatives - such as listed in our bylaws

"projects that combat or lessen the effects of institutionalized violence or coercion,
unequal distribution of resources, depreciation of the environment,
discrimination in any form on account of race, age, position, or sex...
Activities that appear to be creative solutions to problems,
or that present pioneering attitudes, shall be given priority."

SAI provides assistance to non-profit projects which benefit the community by accepting restricted or designated funds for their projects. Allowable donations may provide tax-deductions for contributors. SAI does not support political candidates, political parties, religious groups, or profit-making gains for private uses. All funds must be used for tax-deductible purposes.

SAI Current Projects

SAI Projects

Some projects sponsored and launched by SAI since 1977:

  • Arizona Committee for Responsible Philanthropy
  • Casa Libre en la Solana
  • Community Media Conference
  • Film Works
  • Food Conspiracy
  • Foundation for Creative Broadcasting (now KXCI Community Radio)
  • Foundation Library List (Foundation Center)
  • Funding Consultants
  • Grantmanship Training Program host
  • Growing Children-Growing Parents
  • La Campania Bilingue
  • LAU Clinic, a holistic school, Tucson, Arizona
  • Mobilization for Renewable Resources
  • New West Trails Typesetting Service (closed)
  • People's Yellow Pages (publisher)
  • Responsive Philanthropy Project
  • The 12:12 Lunch Seminar
  • Tucson AIDS Project
  • Tucson Friends of Traditional Music
  • Tucson Media Coalition
  • Tucson Youth LaCrosse, Tucson, Arizona
  • Women Against Violence
  • Women on Wheels

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