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Cell phone dating for singles

Phone dating and chat messaging with other singles on a mobile device is the hot new way to meet new singles around the corner or around the world.

Over the past few years, more people have been shifting their dating search from newspapers, to the web, meeting singles on their mobile cell phone- called SMS Chat or SMS Dating. There is more anonymity with cell phone dating- all messages go through the dating service so the person on the other end doesn't have your direct phone number. Meet singles with your mobile device.


Cell phone dating is quick and fast

Mobile phone dating is done through cell phone based web sites. This makes it easier to find new connections and to meet others across the planet while chatting on a cell phone.

Finding a mate through SMS dating is more popular in the UK, UAE and Asia. In the US, it is just becoming an option. The increase in 5G handsets will expand the use of cell phone dating further. In India, where there are millions of cell phone users, cell phone dating is a choice to meet someone. Continue reading about cell phone dating.

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