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When you pass 40, it seems the world changes- and dating changes, too.

Singles over 40, 50, even older have the same problems as as younger singles, but face a more daunting concern.

Dating isn't the same as it used to be.

But, people who share the same generation do have a better chance at still finding a compatible mate. It seems that the older one gets, the more one wants to find someone like themselves.

Online dating for seniors offer some comfort. It's much easier to screen out unwanted suitors by reading a person's background profile and to be able to have extensive communication before ever meeting in person.

Technology offers new ways to get to know someone without having to commit to a date.

Today's dating web sites provide a variety of tools to help single seniors find a mate. Social interactive sites let people meet each other online before they meet in person.

E-mail, video conferencing give people a chance to decide whether they want to meet outside of the virtual world. has selected two of the most popular senior dating sites. Please note there is an age minimum to join and all applicants are carefully screened to protect other members.

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