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Throughout the Internet, a web of teen-related site are being linked around the world. This page is a gateway to links to schools and teenagers around the globe. If you would like to have your web page considered, please e-mail Teen On-Line.
Also visit EMOL's Worldlink page which takes to you locations around the world linked to Entertainment Magazine On-Line.
Shimon Prohow, Tucson, Arizona
Christopher Alexander, Tucson, Arizona
Erin from Portsmouth wants to communicate by e-mail to other teens
Teens Rule a teens only page with many links, and a monthly computer art contest
Heather Weibel's "Way Kewl Home Page"
My Home Page

Tucson Teen Sports

Tucson High School Softball

Teen-related Places to Visit in VirtualCity

Tucson Teen-related events guide
National and Tucson Music
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