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Young Frankenstein Musical Receives an A+ for Creativity

By Lynn Marie

Young Frankenstein definitely screams the Mel Brooks kind of comedy.  Prudes, please advise - if you are not into naughty humor – stay home. The show references many jokes about sex and sex organs. 

Although Young Frankenstein is doing well on the touring circuit it wasn’t as nearly as successful as the The Producers. Young Frankenstein appeared on Broadway for just fifteen months closing nearly two years ago.

Now its national tour is going strong and recently stopped at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Texas.

While the musical adds a dozen songs and angry villagers that dance, there is much from the film that remains in the musical. 

The musical number imported from the 1974 movie is the hit of the show.  Irving Berlin’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz,”  is where the monster tries to sing and dance; complete with top hats, tap dancing and an ensemble kick line. This number was performed by the cast at the 2008 Tony Awards.

I’m sure all the fans know the plot but here’s a little refresher,  Frederick Frankenstein (played by Christopher Ryan) (pronounced Fronk-en-steen) heads to Transylvania to complete his grandfather’s work and brings a corpse to life.  Along the way, he meets hunchback Igor (Eye-gor), (played by Cory English) bomb-shell assistant Inga (played by Synthia Link) and housekeeper Frau Blucher (played by Joanna Glushak).

The musical does have a lot of “musical” components that a Broadway show should have and of course it has an adorable love story; but it’s not your typical love story since it’s between the monster and its maker.

Although this musical is not my favorite, the talent is spectacular.   Frederick Frankenstein (Christopher Ryan) does impressive work and steals the show.  His enthusiasm, talent and gusto is refreshing.  Audiences should just accept it for what it is and relax and have fun with it.

It’s tough to translate the screenplay humor to the stage, but this cast manages to keep the audience members laughing throughout the performance.

Upcoming musicals at the AT & T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas, include Rock of Ages (May 17 – 29, 2011) and Billy Elliot (June – July 3, 2011) for more information on the AT & T Performing Arts Center visit www.attpac.org or 214-880-0202.

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