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The Rugby House - a combo hit

By Kyler Kuehler

Here in the heart of Texas there are many sport bars here and there are ones with great food and beer and others only offer great beer, but not food. One place that offers both would have to be The Rugby House Pub located in the city of Plano.

The first time I went to The Rugby House I was surprised to see how much beer selections they had compared to most other bars I had been to with most being a fair price.

As I sat down I glanced over the selections of beer and wondered to see which one I was in the mood for. I asked the waiter if it was possible to taste try any of the beers and he said that was very possible as I tried many beers until I finally made my decision on which one I would be drinking.

The waiter then asked me what I would like to have to drink and just like always I had to order me some beer and he quickly checked my ID and went to grab my drink and I had my drink in no time.
We were off to a great start with fast service and now it was time for me to look over the menu to see what I was feeling hungry for.

Glancing over the menu I could see all they offered from burgers, fish and chips, soups and salads, along with appetizers and like always the desserts.

I decided to go with some fish and chips and once again I had my order in no time and when I had my first bite I was satisfied with my choice and as I ate my meal the waiter asked how my meal was and I told him that everything was great and just asked for another glass of beer.

When he got my second glass of beer he then had a conversation with me asking me how my day was going and what I do with my life at the moment.

I told him a little about myself and asked him some questions and he polity answered them. By having a conversation with one of the employees made my experience more enjoyable and made me want to return and comeback for more food and beer.

When I was finally finished with my meal and drink he asked me if I would like any desert, but I had to decline the offer for I was full enough from the meal and was ready to checkout and call it a night.

Once again he was fast at getting me my check and before I knew it I had paid and left him a good tip and left.

With the great food, drinks and great employees you always get great service and have your order in no time and will enjoy with every bite and sip you take and that is why I return every time.

The place is even great for whenever there is a big sporting event going on from the Paper-Per-View events to the Super Bowl as I always try to catch as many as I can.

So if you are ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area I would recommend that you check The Rugby House Pub out and hopefully you will see that it really is a great place to grab a drink or a bite to eat and even watch a sporting event. Just remember to drink responsibly.

After all this place has to offer I cannot wait to return and grab some more beer and great tasting food.

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