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Adventure Travel in Latin America

By Jonathan Haeber

If Latin America adventure is what you're looking for, you'll find it in one of the many breathtaking locales of Brazil and Peru.

Take part in shamanistic rituals, navigate the waters of the Amazon river (the largest river in the world), or hike the Patagonia of Argentina. These are just a few of the adventure tours available.

Exploring Latin America will take you a lifetime. We've made it easier for you by choosing the top three adventure tour destinations in the South America.

A Vision Quest into Peru

Peruvian shamans (or medicine doctors) have used ayahuasca for centuries a window into soul.  Now, tour groups with a taste for adventure can be treated by a real shaman. Writer Kira Salak described the day after her treatment.

"The severe depression that had ruled my life since childhood had miraculously vanished."

Rainforest Tour by Water

The Amazon River basin is huge -- literally 20% of the world's freshwater input into the ocean comes from it. Many tour groups offer boat tours of the Amazon.

The starting point for most adventure tours is the bustling town of Manaus, Brazil. Here, you can begin exploring some of the 4,080 miles of water that is the great Amazon. 

Patagonia Trek

Patagonia is known as the cowboy West of Latin America. Horsemen, known as gauchos, roam the wilds herding cattle and sheep.

Here, you'll find what is known as the "ends of the Earth," where Ushuaia meets the ocean as the southern-most city in the world. Patagonia's cool climate (similar to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.) makes it a great place to see dramatic mountain glaciers.

Latin American Adventure Awaits You

Most adventure destinations in Latin America will require a tour guide, not only for your safety, but also for your comfort. Adventure travel packages in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina are widely available.

A little research may get you some great tour packages!


About the Author
Jonathan Haeber is a writer for a retail outlet in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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