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Sail The World— the only private residential ship that offers the opportunity
to own a home or travel the globe in exclusive style.

Enjoy luxurious accommodations in private homes with the highest quality of amenities and service.

Take advantage of a full range of onboard activities including a spa, tennis court, swimming pool, casino, library, internet café, and more. The World stops at exciting points of call across Europe, South America and Australia/New Zealand. ResidenSea is a management company offering sales, marketing, operations and administration services for specialty luxury properties on land and sea. We believe in providing tailored solutions to ensure success.

ResidenSea currently manages The World, the only private community at sea offering residential options and rental travel experiences to the discriminating traveler. Whether you are interested in purchasing a residence or renting a private home onboard The World, we are eager to assist you.

Enjoy luxury living and exotic ports of call onboard The World.

"The World is a ship that carries our luxury vacation residences to the four corners of the earth.  Our ocean residences are as comfortable as we can make it with an excellent crew, caring staff and extremely comforting security. The ship cruises on, stopping for a night or two at ports around the world. We enjoy our life-style. We enjoy each other’s company and we also enjoy our own private apartments - our luxury residences at sea.  Many people have tried to describe our life aboard The World but the reality – the sheer quality of life – can only be understood by being here, by seeing it yourself. If you would like to join us – or come and stay with us for a while – you will be very welcome." Signed, The Residents of The World

If luxury yacht ownership appeals to you, life onboard The World could be even better.

Because The World is your home, it is a far cry from what people might imagine. It should be clear that The World differs from a cruise ship. This is a quieter pace, more adventurous in your travels but more relaxed in life-style, in many ways quite similar to luxury yacht ownership. 

Your time is yours to do with as you please, choosing to enjoy the life ashore - opera, museums, restaurants, shops - to see the natural wonders - fjords, mountains, icebergs, deserts, coral reefs and beaches.  Also enjoy playing golf on the world's great courses, resting and reading aboard, catching up with friends or dining in our top-flight restaurants.

Have everything you need to feel supremely comfortable aboard - from simple necessities like reading the morning paper, laundry services or the amazing treatments of Clinique La Prairie. But you also have the whole world to explore and enjoy - without ever moving from our own home.

Make ourselves at home onboard The World and the everyday just isn't common-place anymore; making a snack in the kitchen - from ingredients bought yesterday at a floating market fragrant with fresh mangos and orchids…

The World is unlike any private residence clubs or destination clubs you have ever heard about.

The World offers a unique opportunity, an extraordinary lifestyle ideally suited for those "who live to travel."

If you want to buy a home or just come and stay awhile this is where you will find the details.

Sail the globe in high style onboard The World, the only private residential ship that offers the opportunity for home ownership and exclusive travel to exciting ports of call worldwide.

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