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STA Travel is the global leader in student travel.

With over 400 retail locations on and near college campuses worldwide and 70 within the US alone, we've become global travel leaders for the 18 to 26 year old demographic. Through our online community and on-campus efforts, we have positioned ourselves as a student lifestyle brand that reaches students where they live, work and play.

STA Travel specializes in discounted student flights, accomodations, study abroad, spring break, summer vacation packages, and adventure travel across the globe.

The exclusive STA Travel Blue Ticket™ , offers students flexible and affordable international air travel with low change fees and 24-hr travel help worldwide.

International Student ID Card We also offer international discount cards – the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) & IYTC (International Youth Travel Card). Both cards entitle the holder to 1000's of discounts both in the U.S. and around the world. Discount providers include Apple,, Virgin Megastore and

While our services offer additional discounts to students, anyone can book with us and benefit from our extensive range of flights, accommodations, adventure packages, volunteer opportunities and much more!, as the driving online force for STA Travel’s multi-channel booking structure, receives 3.6 million page views per month and 620,000 visits per month. Our average order size is $350, and 70% of online bookings include airfare. On average, only 5% of our customers bookings result in cancelations. The site focuses on complex, international travel designed specifically for a niche group of travelers ages 18 to 26.

STA Travel Offers Smart International Travel Tips for Summer

DALLAS, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- This year the excitement of planning an international trip of a lifetime also comes with the reality of a weak dollar. While you may think that your pockets aren't deep enough for traveling overseas this summer, STA Travel has expert tips to make a summer getaway affordable.

Here are STA Travel's tips for planning a great summer getaway on a manageable budget.

-- Pre-Book Everything -- There isn't much you can't purchase prior to
departure including tours and activities, accommodations, international
cell phones, and travel insurance (and the list goes on and on). You
can literally save hundreds of dollars by paying for these items here
in the U.S. rather than battling the exchange rate while away. This
also helps to lock in your budget before you leave and cuts down on
unexpected expenses along the way. To really lock down your travel
budget, book a package tour that includes lodging, transportation and
in some cases food for an inclusive adventure. For example, embark on a
14-day European tour that includes accommodations, activities and
entertainment as well as most meals for $1,694.

-- Exchange Your Currency at Home, Not at the Airport ATM or Abroad --
Along with pre-booking your travel must-haves, you can also purchase
your foreign currency online at before you go.
STA Travel allows you to buy from a selection of 100 foreign currencies
and have them conveniently delivered right to your door. Even better,
if you return with left over funds, you can exchange them back at the
fixed rate of your original purchase. Much better than walking around
with 40 Euros for the next 3 months!

-- Consider Alternate Entry Points Into Europe -- While London, Paris and
Rome may be convenient, some alternate entry points can save you
hundreds of dollars and offer much better availability. Brussels,
Munich, Manchester and Zurich are all wonderful alternatives. From
these locations, you can catch the rail and see the European
countryside through the comforts of the train. The rail can also save
on your accommodations. If you plan your arrival at nighttime and jump
on the train, you can catch some z's on the ride and save yourself a
hotel stay.

-- Anyone for Asia? -- Alternative entry points are always a good idea but
what about some alternate summer destinations to help you cut
considerable costs? Thailand, Uruguay, Panama and Costa Rica are
locations where the dollar is considerably strong and offers everything
a student traveler is looking for including food, music, culture and
lifestyle. While the cost of the air ticket won't differ greatly from
Europe, the on-ground expenses for these destinations are still a

-- Save While You're Away -- Take advantage of even more international
discounts with your International Student Identity Card (ISIC). You'll
save hundreds for only $22.

About STA Travel
STA Travel is the largest student and youth travel organization in the world serving over two and a half million students each year.

With 70 retail locations in the United States, a 24-hour call center and an online presence, students have access to comprehensive travel products and services including discounted student airfare, accommodations and tours, discount cards, student travel loans, travel insurance, foreign currency exchange, international cell phones and visa application services. STA Travel is the exclusive distributor of the ISIC card and the Blue Ticket(TM) in the United States. STA Travel also has extensive resources and expertise to service group clients with its International Programs and Group Services division.

Source: STA Travel

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