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Travelocity's Disney vacation packages

Traveloicty has Disney packages that you can tailor to your own schedule. Select your dates, choose the flight, hotel, and car rental if needed, all in one place. Plus, get Travelocity's discount rates. See today's special deals for Disneyland with Travelocity.

Select your flight plus hotel (or just hotel) and activities in either Disneyland® , in Anaheim, California or Walt Disney World® in Orlando, Florida. If you need to rent a car or want to add additional attractions to your trip, bundle your trip and save.

There's so much in life worth celebrating. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Reunions. Personal triumphs. Or promising new beginnings. All deserve to be transformed into magnificent memories.

During 2012, the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida and the Disneyland® Resort in California will make it easier for you to magnify these moments in wonderful Disney style.

Book a Disney vacation and come celebrate at the place where dreams come true and Discover the Magic of Disney.

Travelocity's top Disney and Disneyland deals

Discover the Magic of Disney Destinations and plan a vacation package from Travelocity

View Cruises on Disney Cruise Line

View Cruises on Disney Cruise LineView Cruises on Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Cruise Ship_Disney Cruise Line_Disney MagicFrom the hearts and imaginations of some of the greatest entertainers in the world comes Disney Magic, a cruise ship featuring 11 decks of family fun.

View Cruises on Disney Cruise LineFrom innovative kids activities and a teens-only area to special amenities and activities for adults, the Disney Magic delivers Disney's impeccable service and world-famous attention to detail.

California Travelocity Deals

Disney Cruise Line Family-Friendly Port Adventures for Mediterranean and Northern Europe Sailings

Disney Cruise Line now has the most diverse itineraries in the line's history - sailing Mediterranean, Northern European, Caribbean and Bahamian routes. With a wide variety of European itineraries, Disney Cruise Line is working closely with local tour operators to create even more family-friendly Port Adventures that allow guests to best experience these culturally rich and exotic locales.

All Port Adventures offer impeccable Disney guest service and are designed to entertain and inspire both children and adults - in true Disney fashion. Added touches such as more scheduled breaks, complimentary snacks and beverages, and fun port journals for kids are provided on all Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures.

While every port of call offers Port Adventures for families to enjoy together, many tours integrate separate activities for children and adults. While kids are engaged in age-appropriate activities supervised by youth counselors from the ship, parents are given the opportunity to explore cultural sites and points of interest in greater depth.

Each itinerary includes at least one tour that features distinctly Disney touches, beloved characters and rich storytelling to help bring local culture and customs to life. Itineraries also showcase authentic cultural experiences in intimate, upscale settings during Signature Collection tours.

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