The fish tank bully is humilated in front of the townsfolk

The social misfit has terrorized the fish community long enough. When isolated in the net ("fish jail"), the larger gourami realizes he is captive and cannot escape. WIthin a few minutes, the smaller gourami circles the net, picks at it and realizes that her nemises is imprisoned.

The smaller gourmai begins picking at the net pushing it in and further trapping the larger one. Violent pecks seem to indicate her revenge. She knows her harrasser is confined and cannot fight back.

Even some of the other fish join in and pick at the net. It further frustrates the larger gourami who is used to being the tank bully. But this fish is not longer dominate. Instead, he is humilated by the community who enjoy the turn about.

When released, the convict is more subdued and decreases his attacks. But, in the interim, the red tailed shark takes on a strange new behavior of vacuuming the submissive, once dominate, top fish.

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Videos by Robert Zucker. © 2007 Copyright.

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