The tank bully gets vacuumed

After spending time in fish jail and cooling off, the dominate top fish is more mellow. He doesn't bother the other fish as much as keeps an eye out for that green net. He hates fish jail.

Since his second release (he was captured a second time), the same activity continued. The other fish started pecking at the net as if they were pecking at the top fish.

It was their chance to get revenge.

Now, the red tail shark expresses his dominance by vacuuming the more submissive head fish.

The larger gourami still chases the smaller one around, but less often. He now keeps an eye out for the red tailed shark who seems to prefer the larger gourami as another feeding zone.

The other fish in the tank are not as upset as they were before the larger gourami was put into "time out."

That outside human intervention did change the dynamics of the community. The fish also realize who is the real boss- the creature that feeds them.

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