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City Parks & Recreation Department Quarterly Program Guide and Class Catalog Call 791-4873 ext. 0

Register for City Classes and Programs

Registration for classes is underway, call 791-4877 for further information.

Register online: EZEEreg Online system makes registration easier. Registration discounts available. http://www.ezeereg.com/

There are 5 easy ways to register for City Parks & Rec classes and programs –

  1. EZEEreg On-Line at http://www.ezeereg.com/
  2. EZEEreg by Phone. Call our automated registration system at 573-EZEE (3933)
  3. Mail-in Registration. Complete the Class Registration Form. Participant must meet age criteria. Mail Class Registration Form with a business size, self-addressed stamped envelope to: Recreation Registration, 900 S. Randolph Way, Tucson, AZ 85716
  4. Walk-in Registration Visit the Registration Services Office at 900 S. Randolph Way. Open: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; begins 2 weeks after EZEEreg Registration.
  5. Live Phone-in Registration. Call 791-4877. Available: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; begins 2 weeks after EZEEreg Registration. Payment by credit or debit card only.

You will need the following information prior to registration.

  1. Client Code
  2. Account PIN
  3. Course Code
  4. Visa/MasterCard/Discover credit or debit card
  5. Prepaid account (if you do not have a credit or debit card)

Make sure Registration Services (791-4877) has your current mailing address and phone number. Make checks or money order payable to City of Tucson. No out-of-state checks accepted. MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are also accepted.

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Tucson Parks and Recreation Centers

Fred Archer Center
1665 S. La Cholla, 791-4353

Armory Senior Center
220 S. 5th Ave., 791-4865

Cherry Avenue Center
5085 S. Cherry Ave., 791-4497

El Pueblo Neighborhood Center
101 W. Irvington Rd., 791-4629

El Rio Neighborhood Center
1390 W. Speedway Blvd., 791-4683

Jacobs Recreation Center
1010 W. Lind, 888-7716

Lighthouse/McCormick Recreation Center
2900 N. Columbus, 795-9725

Mansfield Recreation Center,
2000 N. 4th Ave., 791-4657

Northwest Neighborhood Center
2160 N. 6th Ave., 791-3247

Quincie Douglas Recreation Center
1101 E. Silverlake Rd., 791-4351

Ormsby Recreation Center
899 W. 24th St., 791-4011

Oury Recreation Center
600 W. St. Mary's Rd., 791-4788

Pascua Neighborhood Center
785 W. Sahuaro, 791-4609

Randolph Recreation Center Complex
200 S. Randolph Way, 791-4560

Santa Rosa Recreation Center
1080 S. 10th Ave., 791-4589

Therapeutic Recreation Center
1000 S. Randolph Way (TDD/Voice) 791-4504

Udall Recreation Center
7200 E. Tanque Verde, 791-4931

Tennis Courts

The City Parks and Recreation maintains 53 tennis courts; they are located at:

Randolph Tennis Center – 25
Himmel Tennis Center- 8
Ft. Lowell Tennis Center – 8
Udall Park – 4
Gollob Park – 4
Kennedy Park – 2
Lincoln Park - 2

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Parks Administration and Northwest District
900 South Randolph Way 85716 (520) 791-4873

East District
8257 East Broadway 85710 (520) 791-5930

Southwest District
4208 South Santa Rita 857 (520) 791-5909

Zoo and Reid Park Operations
1100 S. Randolph Way 85716 (520) 791-3204

City of Tucson TDD