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Landscaping services in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona is in the desert. That means the natural habitation are weeds and cactus. Keeping weeds out of private property and keeping cactus on the trim require constant yard work.

Landscaping services do well in any economy. Every yard needs weeding. Every property needs landscaping care- whether by the homeowner, landlord or tenant.

Careful selection of landscape crews are necessary. Professional crews will provide an upfront bid. If a landscaper quotes an hourly rate, ask for a bid to to the entire job. Most landscape businesses send a representative to your property to get a reliable quote.

Most landscape services have two or more employees do a job at the same time. This makes the job more efficient and reduces the amount of time needed to spend at a job site, according to Tucson landscaper Mike Hager.


Yard Maintainance
Yard Clean Up, Weeds
Irrigation, Tile,
Painting, Handywork,
Roof Coating, Light Roof Repair,
Pet Waste Removal
Minor Home Repairs

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Mike Hager at 520-205-1961 or Doug at 520-301-9712

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Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services

The number one complaint for office cleaning, janitorial services is dusting. That's nationally, not just Arizona or Tucson. Knowing this, Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc. of Arizona makes it an issue to properly dust each office using our exclusive sought after dusting system. Window cleaning season in Tucson has start. Call us for a quote at 520-722-6776. Janitor, janitors or cleaners in Tucson, Arizona aren't the same. Most are the trash and dash services. At Desert Cleaning janitorial we are constantly striving to make are sought after systems better. We have hospital grade disinfectants, thicker trash liners that are replaced frequently, commercial vacuums with 7.5 amp motors that do a superior job, microfiber towels that are state of the art, and the list goes on. Free estimates, with cost break-outs, references, and insurances etc. No lengthy and easy to work with staff since 1980. Call 520-722-6776 or email us at 8-29-08[email protected].

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El Charro Salsa Picante

Authentic salsa from El Charro Cafe in Tucson, AZ. Contains: crushed tomatoes (tomatoes, salt, citric acid), water, salsa (onions, salt, garlic, white vinegar, canola oil, chiltipin pepper, oregano), tomato puree (water, tomato paste citric acid), citric acid.

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