Mission San Xavier del Bac

"White Dove of the Desert"

Should Not Be Missed

In the vast desert just outside Tucson, Arizona, one would not expect to find a beautiful church.

Following the signs from the highway directs you toward Mission San Xavier (pronounced as "hauv-e-air") del Bac, you approach this majestic "white dove of the desert" (as it is affectionately called). It is truly an awesome experience. The sheer size and bright color against a blue sky and the tan colors of the desert make San Xavier a striking sight.

Enjoy photos, history and a tour of this great Tucson treasure. Our web site is unable to answer questions, relay messages or provide additional information, as we are not associated with the Mission.

For further information, please call 1-520-294-2624. This San Xavier del Bac Mission is located nine miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona.



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