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Valley of the Moon ~ The George Phar Legler Society

The Magical Oasis in the Desert is being restored

The legendary Valley of the Moon, in north Tucson, is being restored to its former honor. Valley of the Moon is a unique area built in Tucson, Arizona by George Phar Legler in the 1920s.

The park is no longer open on a regular schedule, except for special occasions.

Legler wanted to capture the magical imagination of children and bring mental and spiritual relaxation for visitors to the site, located in mid-town off Tucson Blvd. just north of Prince Rd.

The area abounds with mineralized rock cliffs, caves, pools, and garden miniatures blend with tropic and desert flora to create what Mr. Legler called the "Fantasy Touch of Three" (Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert Louis Stevenson).

New additions, landscaping and fundraisers will improve the location to be more accessible to handicapped and once again become a popular Tucon attraction. The goal of $50,000 to restore the Moon is still being sought..

Save the Magic Carpet sculptures

The Valley of the Moon recently held a fundraiser to restore Valley of the Moon and save some of the Magic Carpet sculptures Saturday, April 26, 2008.

Although Magic Carpet Golf is closed, some of the sculptures have been saved, will be restored and placed at the Valley of the Moon. The Hut took one one of the sculptures well known three story tiki-head.

Restoration Efforts

Work continues on repairing the 'Caves of Terror', which have been closed for almost 11 years, thanks to volunteers T.D. and Don. They hope to have the caves open to the public again within the next year. (Yahoo!!!)

In addition to the caves, we have numerous restoration projects in need of volunteers. Recently we were forced to close the Troll Bridge due to rotten wood.

The Bridge, The Tower, and a host of others, large and small need our attention. So, if you have a desire to help, or a technical skill to contribute (welding, carpentry, electrical, etc.) call Randy at 270-1041, and you can be a part of ensuring that Valley of the Moon will be around for another 84 years. No previous restoration experience required. (from Valley of the Moon website)

Valley of the Moon
2544 E Allen Rd Tucson, AZ 85716
Tucson, Arizona

Valley of the Moon Official Web Site: http://www.valleymoon.info
Email Valley of the Moon: [email protected]

Google Map and Directions to Valley of the Moon.

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