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SBG Roars into 2005 with

Coveted licenses expected to drive record growth and sales

Following a record year, thanks to the success of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation™ The Board Game, Specialty Board Games Inc. (SBG) is poised for unprecedented growth in 2005 having secured licenses for some of the hottest board game properties in the industry: CSI: Miami; Nancy Drew; NASCAR, and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

With sales of CSI: The Board Game products approaching 700,000 units worldwide, SBG experienced phenomenal growth in 2004.  The addition of new Board game and DVD game licenses will see SBG – a relative newcomer – capture a larger share of the North American board game market.

“Being chosen for these highly sought-after licenses is a testament to the fact that SBG is among the most innovative companies in the industry,” says SBG CEO Mark Sutcliffe. 

“We’re combining the most popular forms of entertainment today with DVD technology to take the board game experience to a new level of excitement and interactivity.”

Meeting point for generations

SBG’s vision of enhancing traditional board games with new technology, innovative board graphics and interactive DVD will feature prominently in the new games, particularly NASCAR and WWE. 

According to Sutcliffe, the licensed products and the new technology are the meeting point for the many generations that enjoy playing board games. SBG’s new enhanced products will lead the wave of next generation home entertainment: integrating technology, interactive media and good old family fun.

2005 Product Lineup

SBG has teamed up with the most exciting blockbuster licenses in the industry to create thrilling line of new products, including:

CSI: Miami™ The Board Game recreates the excitement, style and intrigue of this popular television series. Players assume the role of a Miami Crime Scene Investigator portrayed by actors such as David Caruso, racing against the other players to collect the evidence and prove means, motive and opportunity to solve the crime.

CSI: Miami™ The Board Game & CSI: Miami Booster Pack 1

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation™ The Board Game 2nd edition features eight new, original stories

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation™ Crime Game and Booster Pack 1 & 2 Each of the booster packs features three new captivating, original stories that can be played with the first edition CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Board Game.

Nancy Drew Mystery Party Game Nancy Drew celebrates her 75th birthday this year; to celebrate SBG is developing a new game that will appeal to every generation of her fans. Designed for girls aged 8 to 13, The Nancy Drew Mystery Party Game combines two favourite activities of girls: a party and a mystery to solve. The game includes party invitations and theme recipes. 

NASCAR DVD Board Game combines the excitement of racing while testing players’ knowledge of one of the world’s most popular sports. Featuring a short and long track on a double-sided board, the DVD technology brings the excitement of a real NASCAR event into the home. Many of the questions and challenges in the game are based on logic and observation, so players don't have to be racing buffs to finish in the winner’s circle!

WWE DVD Board Game Experience Players manage a team of WWE Superstars, choosing when to send them into the ring to take on the opposing Manager’s Superstars. Win interactive DVD on-screen challenges, survive the unpredictable turn-of-events of the Mayhem Die and move to the Championship Ladder Match to defeat the other players

Murder on the Menu Feast to Die For – the latest installment from the master of mayhem Max Haines’ An Evening of Murder series is perfect for home entertaining. Set the stage for solving a murder within the home where the hosts and guests become the suspects. Each player has hidden secrets, deadly clues and mysterious backgrounds. 

About SBG
Specialty Board Games (SBG) Inc, based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, creates, markets and distributes board games and DVD board games for the domestic and international market. SBG is recognized as a leader in developing innovative entertainment concepts integrating new technology, innovative board graphics and interactive DVD.

New York, February 8, 2005

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Miami The Board Game

From the Manufacturer
Eight crime stories written in the compelling style and intrigue of this hit television series. Follow lead criminalist Horatio Cain, and his team of CSIs to collect the evidence and prove Means, Motive and Opportunity of one of three suspects. By rolling the CSI: Miami die you will follow the evidence, identify the killer and reveal the truth.

Recommended ages: 13 and up

CSI: Miami
Computer & Video Game

From the Manufacturer
Lose yourself in the sun drenched world of CSI: Miami.

The No. 1 selling PC crime-adventure series returns with the latest release in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series by Ubisoft. Inspired by the hit show on CBS, CSI: Miami gives players the opportunity to experience forensic investigation first hand. As a member of the south Florida team, CSI loyalists play alongside the investigators and must use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

Windows XP/98 only

Nancy Drew Mystery Party Game

Ages 8 - 13

Product Description
You've followed Nancy Drew's many adventures. Now is your chance to be a part of one! The Nancy Drew Party Game is a party and a mystery in a box. You and your guests become detectives attempting to solve Nancy Drew's latest caper.

Players team up and set out to track down the elusive jewel thief, Vincent Van Gotme. A visit to River Heights sets the stage where you will collect clues from various locations, like the scene of the crime, Lucia's Psychic Shop, the Library and the Internet Cafe. CD Narration. Ages 8 and up.

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