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The Stars of Meerkat Manor Season Three

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The Whiskers

Having come into existence in 1998, the Whiskers mob is at the heart of Animal Planet’s Meerkat Manor.

They are a family of meerkats struggling to survive in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. At the beginning of season three, the Whiskers are trying to survive in a hostile new area after being evicted from their manor by the vicious Commandos.

During the third season, The Whiskers continue to fight for their domain and encounter new rivalry – the Zappa tribe! Below are descriptions of key members of the Whiskers:


Dedicated dominant female of Whiskers, Flower’s no push over. In her four years as the dominant meerkat, Flower has proved herself to be one of the most successful leaders at the Manor.


As the Whiskers’ dominant male, Zaphod has been Flower’s number one choice of mate from the start, but as time wears on he’s beginning to sit back on his laurels. Can Zaphod’s complacency leave the door open for others to pluck Flower?   


Eagle-eyed as ever, Flower’s young pup Mitch proves he’s the kind of meerkat to thrive when the going gets tough, having strong dominant male material.

Rocket Dog

Daughter of Flower, Rocket Dog is given the opportunity to show her leadership skills this season as she cares for the pups while Flower is away from the manor.


A Zappa pup who gets separated from his family during a ferocious battle and amazingly is adopted by the Whiskers.

Len and Squiggy

Len and Squiggy are Flower’s newborn twin pups and only pups of her new litter. While Len enjoys the limelight, Squiggy is a feisty little chap that is having a harder time as a result of a deformed leg. Squiggy is going to need all the help he can get to survive life on the Kalahari.

The Zappa

The Zappa are the new neighbors from hell who are approximately 14-strong. With the competition for resources even greater this year, they’re proving they’ll do whatever it takes to beat the Whiskers. Below are descriptions of key members of the Zappa:


Frank is the dominant male of the Whiskers’ new archrivals, The Zappa gang. Frank has seen it all before and was a formidable leader, but now, age isn’t on his side. He may be past his prime.


Lola is the dominant female of the Zappa gang and is Frank’s partner. Lola is younger than Frank and has a short fuse when it comes to food.


A rover and a chancer, Houdini rapidly rises to take Carlos’ place as the bad boy. A part of the Zappa gang, this roving male has a particular taste for dominant females. Why eat McDonald’s when you can have steak?


Sister of Zappa dominant female Lola, Punk has no time for weakness in others and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She has ambitions of leading her own group, but as long as her sister is in charge, she will have to take a back seat. Watch this one – she has claws!

The Starsky

Evicted from the Whiskers family, Mozart, with Carlos’ help, develops a new tribe – the Starksy. Smaller than the Whiskers tribe, the Starksy is somewhat formidable with seven tribe members. Below are descriptions of key members of the Starksy:


Perhaps the Kalahari’s most misfortunate female, Mozart may finally start to experience new luck. Now part of new group, ‘the Starsky’ Mozart is no longer just a Whiskers castaway; she has a tribe of her own! Pregnant and awaiting her own litter of pups, Mozart is ready to expand her family and take hold of the dominant female role. But, Mozart must watch out for half-sister Kinkajou, who also is pregnant by the studly Carlos. Kinkajou is making a play for the dominant female role as well!


Once feared by many dominant males in the territory for his antics as a roving male, Carlos now is accustomed to his new role as a dominant male of his own group, the Starsky, with his old flame, Mozart. Renowned as the Kalahari’s Casanova, Carlos may have lost his looks (He bears a scar as a souvenir from his fight with one-eyed Hannibal), but he hasn’t lost his charm!


Half-sister to Mozart, Kinkajou shares more in common with her sister than just a play for dominant female! She shares the attention of Carlos. Both sisters are pregnant by this Casanova.

The Commandos

Led by the one-eyed Hannibal and dominant female Nikita, the Commandos are one of Meerkat Manor's most fearsome gangs. Having killed Mozart's new born pups at the end of season two, they continue to wreak havoc in the Kalahari. But with Hannibal's young son Wilson, soon to step into the spotlight, we may just see there's a softer side to this motley crew! Below are descriptions of key members of the Commandos:

Hannibal is the dominant male of the Commandos. Hannibal has a missing eye, and like Flower and Zaphod, he is one the toughest meerkats in the Kalahari.


Hannibal’s son.  At his coming of age he goes roving.  Will his new experiences set him apart from his vicious father or will he revert to type?

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Meerkat Manor -
Complete First Season
(4 DVD Set)

This is a documentary drama series which follows a meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, called the Whiskers.
• Plot Synopsis: This is a documentary drama series which follows a meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, called the Whiskers. Flower is the leader/dominant female of the group, Zaphod is her partner and dominant male, Youssarian is Zaphod's younger brother and Flower's ex-lover and Mozart, Tosca and Shakespeare are all children of Flower. In our journey with this group we'll follow several intriguing events like: Fights with arch rival group the Lazuli; storms; death; family politics and the disappearance of a meerkat we had gotten to know very well.

• Studio: Discovery Channel
• DVD Release Date: December 1, 2006