Meerkat Manor


Meerkats are all the rage it seems! The following quotes reflect meerkat mania in pop culture.

RESCUE ME/FX – Season Four (premiere)

“I've had blackouts, and she's had to piece the night back together for me. So that particular night I was drinking seltzer and she was drinking white wine. And after the conversation went south, she said she wanted to go inside and watch this television show about weasels-- meerkats.  Meerkat Manor.

So we went inside, and next thing you know we're watching this show, and the narrator is--he gives the meerkats' names. So there's this meerkat named Shakespeare, and he gets bit by a scorpion, and there's some question about whether or not he's gonna make it back to the home base, you know, the place where they--where the rest of the meerkat tribe is. And I was really worried about the guy, Shakespeare. He's--he was looking pretty bad. And the next thing I know I'm laying in the sand, and I can hear people screaming, and…” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“This doesn't add up, Mr. Gavin.” – Interrogator #1

“I’m sorry.” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)
“Your story.  According to the facts  we have in front of us, there were signs of an accelerant.” – Interrogator #1

“I don't know anything about accelerant. “ – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“You co-signed a fire insurance policy on the house and a life insurance policy on Mrs. Keith two weeks before the fire.” – Interrogator #2

“No, I didn't. I’m telling you.  I think I would remember. So—“ – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“You don't remember starting the fire?” – Interrogator #2

“How the hell can we expect you to remember signing God damned policies?” – Interrogator #1

“I didn't start the fire, OK?  Listen to me.” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“We know you're a drunk with a very convenient drinking problem.” – Interrogator #2

“It's a disease, ok?” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“So is cancer. You want to blame cancer for the fire?” – Interrogator #2

“Tell the truth, Mr. Gavin.” - – Interrogator #1

“I'm telling the truth.” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“No, you're not.” – Interrogator #1

“Yes, I am.  I am telling the--” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“No, you aren't.” – Interrogator #2

“I'm telling the truth, OK? We were inside. I was on the couch. She was in the easy chair. We were watching the meerkats, ok? – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

RESCUE ME – Season Four

“I remember being pissed off, and I remember watching the meerkats.”- Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“You were more interested in the meerkats than you were in my feelings.” Sheila Keefe (Callie Thorn)

“That’s such a bunch of bull…”- Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

“Anywho, we watched the meerkats, for I don’t know, 45 minutes or something. I wasn’t really paying attention…” Sheila Keefe (Callie Thorn)

RESCUE ME/FX – Season Three

“Wanna go watch Meerkat Manor?” – Sheila Keefe (Callie Thorne)

“Yep.” – Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary)

(Brought up in conversation on the August 29, 2006 airing of Rescue Me)


“What the hell are we watching?” – Nora (Sally Field)

“Meerkats.” – Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

“These meerkats are wearing no clothes. Give me the clicker!” – Nora (Sally Field)

“Ok! Fine! But no cooking programs!” – Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)

“Give me the clicker!” – Nora (Sally Field)

(Said in dialogue in a Fall 2006 episode of Brothers & Sisters)


Category: What’s on the Tube (for $800)

Answer: This cable channel’s Meerkat Manor has been billed as All My Children Meets Wild Kingdom.

Question: What is Animal Planet?

(Question in Celebrity Jeopardy! November 2006)


“Hey.” – Kat Warbler (Lizzy Caplan)

“Turn on the TV!” – Ethan Haas (Jason Ritter)

“Is this that stupid Animal Planet thing again? I do not care about the meerkats!” – Kat Warbler (Lizzy Caplan)

“Just turn on channel 9. You’re not gonna believe it!” – Ethan Haas (Jason Ritter)
(Said in dialogue in the November 27, 2006 episode of The Class)


“Now is this something you know about her..that she thinks you look like a particular animal?” – Ellen DeGeneres

“Well it’s come up a couple of times. We were working together for two weeks I think. And we had a story about a meerkat. Do you know what a meerkat is? – Matt Lauer

(Ellen shows a picture of a meerkat)

“You have to have a picture of a meerkat. And, somehow, in the middle of the show is a fairly serious story. The meerkat was missing. I thought it was somewhat tragic. And she (Meredith Viera) said and by the way, you look like a meerkat. And, I thought, that’s not really nice.” – Matt Lauer

“Well put it up and drop it really fast.” – Meredith Viera

“I have seen you stand that way, Matt… I have seen you…” – Ellen DeGeneres

(Ellen shows a picture of a meerkat; Matt stands and poses like a meerkat; the camera compares the picture and Matt together on one screen, showing the resemblance)

“Look, it’s similar!” – Meredith Viera

TODAY SHOW (June 21, 2007)

“Don’t start on me, ok? First, it was a meerkat…”- Matt Lauer

“Well, he’s very cute.”- Meredith Vieira

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Meerkat Manor -
Complete First Season
(4 DVD Set)

This is a documentary drama series which follows a meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, called the Whiskers.
• Plot Synopsis: This is a documentary drama series which follows a meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, called the Whiskers. Flower is the leader/dominant female of the group, Zaphod is her partner and dominant male, Youssarian is Zaphod's younger brother and Flower's ex-lover and Mozart, Tosca and Shakespeare are all children of Flower. In our journey with this group we'll follow several intriguing events like: Fights with arch rival group the Lazuli; storms; death; family politics and the disappearance of a meerkat we had gotten to know very well.

• Studio: Discovery Channel
• DVD Release Date: December 1, 2006