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Winchester Mystery House Oct, 2007

For the first time in the show's history, the 'Most Haunted' paranormal investigation team will bring their hit special, 'Most Haunted Live,' to the United States for a live investigation from a top secret, yet-to-be disclosed haunted location.

The Travel Channel broadcasted this unprecedented seven straight hours live on Friday, June 1, 2007, from 8 p.m. through Saturday, June 2, at 3 a.m. ET. Presenter Yvette Fielding, spiritual medium David Wells, and the rest of the 'Most Haunted Live' team conducted the investigation.

Armed with night-vision cameras, thermal-imaging devices and other paranormal investigation tools, the team performed a thorough investigation of the location and attempt communication with the paranormal.

The team had extensive access to the location, including areas that are not currently open to the public.

The 'Most Haunted Live' U.S. experience is extended online with multiple Webcams streaming live images from select areas within the location.

Users are able to actively participate in the broadcast by posting paranormal sightings, well wishes for the team, suggestions on rooms to investigate, and predictions and premonitions on the boards, through text messaging and FAXing.

Selected user-submitted comments will be presented during the interactive segments of the event, as well as scroll across the bottom of the screen during the live investigation.

A downloadable 'Ghost Detector' application will also be available for mobile phones. It's designed to detect subtle changes in electromagnetic fields, which is believed to indicate paranormal activity.

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