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Viva Las Vegas (Premieres 6/3 at 11:00pm)
Lawrence Beldon-Smythe is an English reporter in the USA uncovering the truth. About anything.  This week, his searching investigation of Las Vegas gambling is put aside, as he uncovers a bigger story – adult entertainment in a place he calls ‘Sin City’.  Lawrence takes lap dancing lessons from a lovely female ‘socialite’. He uncovers the allure of male strippers by dancing on stage with ‘Thunder from Down Under’. He endures an alcohol infused night while revealing secret rituals of a bachelorette party, and explores America’s love of weddings performed by Elvis impersonators – by becoming one himself.

Civil War Reenactors-Pennsylvania  (6/3 at 11:30pm)
English truthseeker Lawrence Beldon-Smythe becomes embedded war correspondent as he joins a Civil War re-enactment. Lawrence doesn’t just report, he goes back in time to live like the confederate re-enactors. He sleeps in a tent, marches, shoots cannons and bonds with his soldier comrades. But he really shows his reporterly credentials when his unit enters a fierce fake battle with their Union opponents over a patch of Pennsylvania farmland. It’s a unique glimpse into a moment in American History – and the people who re-live it – at least a few weekends a year.

NASCAR-Charlotte, NC  (6/10 at 11pm)
The uniquely American world of NASCAR seen through the eyes of Global truthseeker and Englishman Lawrence Beldon-Smythe. Lawrence puts both hands on the wheel as he peeks inside this character filled subculture. He goes inside one of the biggest and most successful race teams, challenges professional driver David Ragan to a man on man racing duel, and joins a pit crew to see just how quickly he can change a tire. Then, Lawrence takes the ultimate challenge – driving a real racecar, in a real race. Will he win? More importantly…will he survive?

Oklahoma State Fair (6/10 at 11:30pm)
Soon to be award winning global correspondent Lawrence Beldon-Smythe delves into the hotbed of American competitive urges that is a State Fair.  He chose Oklahoma’s annual event to explore the range of unusual competitions. He reveals the battle for best cow, dons the apron to judge a struggle for tastiest pie, and tries to figure out just how many different foods Americans can mount on sticks. But all of this pales beside his scariest investigation – an in-depth, no holds barred look at the State Fair’s most fiendish device – the amusement ride.

College Life-U of Georgia  (6/17 at 11:00pm)
English Reporter Lawrence Beldon-Smythe reveals the secret links between ancient Greek and Roman traditions, and modern American Universities. He goes to the University of Georgia to prove his theories. He visits a sorority and fraternity house to wallow in their rituals and peek inside their bedrooms. He roams the halls of a co-ed dormitory and unlocks the secret to the ‘freshman fifteen’. He explores a Romanesque custom known today as college football. And then he comes face to face, and hand to buttock with the most famous of American University icons…the cheerleader.

NASA-Florida  (6/17 at 11:30pm)
Lawrence Beldon-Smythe embarks on a personal quest to prove his late father completely wrong about the US Space Program. He goes behind the scenes at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre to stand under a shuttle in the shop, visit a launch pad, and learn the truth about space flight from a real astronaut. All this inspires Lawrence. Filled with the belief he has the right stuff – he decides to undergo astronaut training to become the first English reporter blasted into space. It’s a quest requiring discipline, commitment, and a willingness to get very,very dizzy.

Hollywood, California   (6/24 at 11:00pm)
Hollywood lures intrepid English truth seeker Lawrence Beldon-Smythe. But he’s not interested in celebrities – his targets are the people who actually work for a living. Lawrence visits the set of a prime time TV drama series – where his natural talents see him guest starring on one episode. He then endures a terrifying special effects makeover, which transforms him from handsome to hideous.  He ventures into a secret, soundproof room to meet the people who give movies their noises, before learning the secrets of falling down dramatically from a genuine Hollywood stuntwoman.

lawrence of america

Fashion-NYC  (6/24 at 11:30pm)
Englishman Lawrence Beldon-Smythe goes to New York to explore the fashion industry. But not the fancy famous folk – Lawrence seeks the truth among fashion’s fringe dwellers. He meets designers, then poses in a photo shoot.  He explore backstage at a real fashion show, then goes home with one of the models – for a rare, exclusive look at their glamorous, exotic life.  The New York Fashion scene has never been probed like this before – but then very few global correspondents are willing to go through a fashion makeover – all in the name of truth

Utah Winter Athletes  (7/1 at 11:00pm)
Englishman Lawrence Beldon-Smythe faces his toughest physical challenges so far, as he travels to Utah to meet America’s Winter Sport Athletes. First the US Luge Team hurl him down an ice wall while lying on a very small sled. Then an Olympic Silver Medalist makes him jump off the side of a mountain and go through strenuous training. Olympic  Gold Medalist Derek Parra straps Lawrence to razor sharp skates in a brave but doomed attempt to teach him speed skating. He’s fast, he’s dangerous, he’s  very sore…he’s Lawrence Beldon-Smythe.

Nashville Country Music  (7/1 at 11:30pm)
Lawrence Beldon-Smythe is a professional English truthologist. His feelings never get in the way of the truth. Until he visits Nashville Tennessee to explore the American musical styling known as Country Music.  A local songstress captures his heart – then crushes it like a snail in the roses. Lawrence then uses Country Music to heal his broken heart. Legendary singer Crystal Gayle, and the folks at the Grand Ole Opry offer help and support – as Lawrence writes a song, then performs it in front of a real audience at a Nashville honky tonk bar.

Cowboys-Arizona   (7/8 at 11:00pm)
Global trutherist Lawrence Beldon-Smythe grew up in England with a passion of cowboys. He always dreamed of riding the range and roping things. Finally – his job takes him to Arizona so he can find out if the old time gunslingers were as cool as he hopes, and if today’s cowboys uphold the traditions and spirit. He attempts to learn the truth by shooting it out at the OK Corral, roping, riding and castrating on a working cattle ranch, and then letting off steam like any other cowboy… by drinking and dancing.

Middle America-Kansas  (7/8 at 11:30pm)
Lawrence Beldon-Smythe is an English Global Correspondent determined to tackle the toughest assignments. So when he discovered the Middle of America was rarely visited by journalists of his stature – he knew he had to go. Lawrence dives into the Kansas community to uncover the truth about these rarely seen people. He works hard on the farm and then at a pizza factory, and relaxes by making quilts and shooting guns.  Who lives in America’s middle – and how will they cope with the probing investigations of a curious Englishman?

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