Kabbalah: Twilight of Consciousness

Rotating Through Dream Phases

"Twilight of Consciousness," by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker, examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple, easy to follow, techniques.

Twilight of Consciousness Hallucinogenic drugs have been used for centuries to achieve peak experiences, dream awareness, and astral projections.

Almost every culture has some plant, root, chemical or food that helps to bridge the gap between the Astral and the waking worlds.

Merging the imagery world of dreams into waking consciousness is a major effect of drugs and alcohol. Drugs have an effect on the brain that release chemicals to make that gap less obvious. Hallucinations, dreamlike imagery and sounds are some of the side effects of ingesting mind-altering substances.

It’s not uncommon for those who drug themselves with psychoactive agents as marijuana, peyote, mescaline, LSD, and alcohol to experience a “dreamy” state of consciousness after initial intoxication. Even many prescription medications, and some natural plants and herbs, can elicit uncontrollable imagery, or hallucinations.

The use of mind altering drugs can produce experiences similar to hypnagogic imagery without the physical paralysis associated with sleep.

Drugs effect the serotonin production in the brain to cause “waking hallucinations.”

The degree of imagery depends on the amount of serotonin produced naturally in the brain, or altered through drugs. An excess of serotonin excretion causes a “spill over” of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) activity, the type of physical responses noted during phases of dreaming.

This allows stream of thought to enter more fully into awareness. One reality may seem to be super-imposed into another. The same mechanism that makes dreams possible can be activated as hallucinations in the waking state with or without drugs.

However, most often, the types of hallucinogenic phenomena produced through the use of psychedelic drugs are simple and abstract geometric patterns, flashes of color or phosphones, bodily sensations, and euphoric feelings.

A psychedelic drug experienced in a darkened room, especially with music, arouses internal sensations, imagination and allows latent memories to emerge into awareness.

Drugs can also be used to initiate an OOBE (out of body experience) or a dream-conscious experience. However, the side effect of the drugs may increase the loss of control of the Astral environment.

The power of drugs can overwhelm the person. It is similar to driving a car while intoxicated.

The drug user must have strong control of one’s consciousness so not to be swallowed into the hallucination and go crazy, as told in the Jewish tale of the four Rabbis who entered the Garden of Eden (see the Appendix for the story). One Rabbi went insane because he couldn’t control the immense flow of energy that engulfed him.

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