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Vasile European Hair StyleEuropean Style by Vasilé, a family owned salon that has served Tucson customers for decades follows the upcoming hair style trends.

Stan Vasilé says that "the economy and busy lives" will make it harder for people to find time to go to the salon as often as they used to go. But, when they do visit, they may get shorter cuts to lengthen time in between visits.

Stan Vasile suggests a visit to a local hair salon about every six weeks to keep the hairstyle intact.

In that end, he feels more people will be choosing a style that is easier to handle. With Tucson's dry air, low humidity, shorter hair styles could also be cooler- weatherwise and stylewise.

Perfect face framing, according to Vasile, is the best option to consider for 2014 hair styling. The face framing style lasts 4-5 weeks. Layering, medium, short, fine or long hair depends on the condition of the hair. The Vasile's use The MP203 Sensor Hair Computer to determine special hair needs.

Vasile recommends a new advance in the anti-aging skin care technology– AminoGenesis. The beauty salon carries a full line of Amino Acid Skin Care products that can be bought directly in the salon. Find out about Vasilé Hair, Nails and Skins Services.

prom graduation hair style hairstyling techniqueShowcase Styles Premier Salon

The Vasile's European Hair Salon has been recently nominated as potential participants as a Showcase Styles Premier Salon.

Vasile's Tucson hair salon is one of the few Tucson, AZ. beauty salons to participate. The event is a venue for stylists to showcase their talents and skills.

Those salons chosen to participate will receive the opportunity to be published and become part of an elite group of salons and stylists.

Selected salons will also have a chance to be featured in the filming of the upcoming new Reality Show Pilot on hair styling.

Prom hairstyles in style

Lydia and Stan can give you that perfect prom hairstyle. Make an appoint now to schedule before your prom for 2015. Browse through the Vasile Hair Style Gallery to find the look you want. Print out the page and bring it in.

21st Century Hairstylists in Tucson, AZ

European Hairstyle by Vasile, Tucson Beauty SalonIf you see a hair style you would like Stan or Lydia to create for you, print out a page from the hair style album and bring it in to the Vasile's. They will be able to solve your difficult hair problems or create a new look for you. Browse the Tucson Hair Style Photo Gallery.

See Upcoming 2015 Hair Styles.

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