The achievements of Maria Vasilé Fangmaeier

Maria Vasile

This picture is Maria Vasile in a make-over by her Mom and Dad, Lydia and Stan Vasile.

Maria Vasile (now Mrs. Fangmaeier) was one of the first women to enroll in Virginia's Military Institute (VMI) in the fall of 1997. She has received national attention in the media for her efforts and is enthusiastic about her challenges.

Maria was a 1997 Sahuaro High School graduate. When she joined the freshman class of VMI, she was one of 30 women in a class of 450.

She was among the 23 women who made it through the year. Vasile was named to the Freshman Honor Society, which requires a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Maria Vasile had a 3.7 GPA which ranked her second-highest among the chemistry major freshman. Only 60 cadets in the whole school had higher than a 3.5 GPA.

Zachary Fangmaeier

Welcome to the world, Zachary Fangmaeier, 2016.

Maria and Stan Vasile

Maria (left) is fighting for her hair coloring with her father Stan Vasilé.

Maria and Stan Vasile

Stan agrees and all is well!

Maria Vasile

This photo is Maria Vasile while at VMI with a style by her Dad.

Condolezzaa Rice and Maria Vasile

Secretary of State Condolezzaa Rice (left) and Maria Vasile (right).

Condolezzaa Rice

Condolezzaa Rice giving a speech.


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