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Alibris 190x112Albris US is the premiere online destination for new, used and out-of-print media, with over 75 million books, cds/vinyl, and dvds/video available to US residents.

Albris connects people who love literature, music, and film to the best independent sellers around the world. When you connect to the Alibris website, you’re utilizing a vast network of independent sellers.

Alibris is on of the Internet Retailer’s “Top 100” largest online retailers and the choice of millions of book, music, textbooks and movie lovers each month.

Find the latest news and special deals about Alibris US and the promotions currently being offered to U.S. customers. For UK residents: Albris UK

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Albris US Back to School Promotional Coupon Codes

Alibris coupons for up to $10 off books, music, and movies! Buy from Alibris, and save money! These promotional codes expire at midnight on June 30, 2009.

Promo Code / Offer / Expiration

Promo code JEUNET: $3 off $30 ore more. Coupon code expires 06/30/2009

Use promotional code ALMODOVAR. Get $5 off $50 or more. COde expires 06/30/2009.

Use promo code ALTMAN. $7 off $70 + or more. Spend before 06/30/2009.

Promotional code GREENAWAY. Get $10 off $100 or more. Expires 06/30/2009