Why I like my Apple laptop computer...

Entertainment Magazine has been using Apple computer products since 1986 when we bought our first Macintosh SE to produce our tabloid newspaper.

We quickly entered the new world of "Desktop Publishing" - do it yourself publishing. It saved time and money from outsourcing the phototypesetting and gave instant access to printing out a full page layout (in 8 1/2" x 11" portions) with Aldus PageMaker.

The month we purchased the SE, we faced a choice: either payout to the phototypesetting service and spend the time to learn how to use the computer and software; or just use it.

I sat down with PageMaker that day and easily figured out how to put a tabloid page together. The first edition was published while learning how to use the new Apple computer. We printed portions of the layout on the same flats we used to wax down galleys and headlines. The control was amazing!

Whoops, a typo- no problem. Just correct it on the computer, print it out and re-paste the section. No more fumbling on the table or floor for a "a" or "o" to paste over a typo.

Since then, we've upgraded through successive periods- a IIsi, Quadra, Centris and PowerPC. These models are still operational but only used for copywriting or slow Web browsing.

Finally, in May 2004, the decision was made to purchase a Apple laptop computer - the PowerBook - 1.5Ghz model. After examining the current product line, and considering the best value for the best use, we chose the 17" Powerbook.

The choice was a satisfactory one. It satisfied the need for speed, portability and a nice flat screen. But the price, even with an educational discount was a commitment to the Apple brand.

It has lightening online speed, when combined with a cable modem and a wireless router it makes web browsing a breeze.

The laptop has a large 17" screen that displays riveting colors when playing DVDs. I want to be able to adjust the glare or the contrast more but don't seem to get that control. Otherwise, the imagery is captivating. I enjoy SimCity video games, and have used a Palm Pilot with my Macintosh. I explored topics such as virtual reality and time travel, among dozens of other topics found in my Web Resources section.

Upgrading our documents and software was a difficulty and an added expense. Some of the new OSX software is still very buggy- more so than in OS9. When a program crashes, though, the rest of the computer continues running. That is a blessing.

But to date (9/004), it has been frustrating when GoLive or Safari continues to quit for no apparent reason. Rarely has an entire computer freeze happened (periodically the keyboard locks up, but that had to do with the attached mouse- just unattach it). OSX is a nice operating system and gives more control over operations. Quite a change for OS6.

The laptop was chosen over the Apple G5 computer (as enticing as it is) because of the mobility of the computer. It's great to work in front of the TV, take the laptop to a client or another room in the house without dragging a tower, monitor or cable. Once I imagined dragging a G5, cables and CRT to a client, I crossed off the tower from the shopping list. Later.

I do miss some of OS9's features and find it frustrating not to find the same tools in the same locations in my favorite software. When trying to type a simple letter in MS Word, I feel like I'm driving a BMW when all I need is a VW.

Overall, the Apple computer line has been a preference. It had been the computer-of-use at work.

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Robert Zucker
July 2004.

Publisher, Entertainment Magazine

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