Christmas Dinner
Ideas, Take Out and Menus

Monday, December 25, 2006

Here's how you can celebrate Christmas Day without the holiday mess. We've selected several products that can make your holiday cooking and partying easier.

Enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner delivered to your home from Hickory Farms and other great companies.

Enjoy a traditional home-cooked turkey dinner with all fixings, and none of the fuss. Our complete dinner includes a 5 to 6 lb juicy Smoked Turkey Breast, cooked to perfection, plus 3 lbs of Old Fashioned Mashed Potatoes, 2.5 lbs Old Fashioned Stuffing and 2 lbs Turkey Gravy. Serves 6 to 8 people. Offered by Hickory Farms.

Impress your guests with the delicious, down home flavor of our Honey Roasted Hickory Farms Turkey, glazed with natural honey for a rich golden appearance. The honey helps to seal in the bird's natural goodness and juicy flavor. We guarantee your guests will ask for seconds! 4.5 to 6 lbs. Offered by Hickory Farms

We go to the top turkey farms for these plump, tender birds. Then it is on to the smokehouse for slow curing to seal in the natural juices and memorable smoked turkey flavor. From first and second servings to sandwiches, you will savor each bite! 9 to 10 lbs. (9 lb. Minimum). Offered by Hickory Farms.

If you've never had smoked turkey before, this is the one to try. First, the turkey is skillfully cured in a sweet blend of pure, golden honey and savory spices. Then, it's carefully smoked through a very special process that leaves the entire bird lean and moist. Simply thaw and serve or gently heat if you prefer. And this turkey is broad breasted to give many extra servings of tender, white meat. 8-10 lb. whole turkey. Offered by Hickory Farms.

If you crave lots of white meat, then you'll really enjoy this tender, smoked turkey breast. Hand-selected from the finest quality breasts, it's slowly smoked over fragrant hickory and hardwood embers to give it a distinctive, rich and subtle smokehouse flavor. Since it's already fully cooked, you can gently heat it and serve it warm or enjoy its savory flavor cold. It makes a delicious main course for just about any meal, or it can take center stage on your buffet table and be the star attraction. Offered by Hickory Farms.

Parties can be a paradox. You want everything to be perfect, yet there's so much to do. Relax. Start with this fully cooked turkey breast. It's pre-sliced into 5/16' thick slices that make a stunning presentation. Baste with the 6 oz. honey glaze that is included or enjoy the sensational natural hickory smoked flavor. Each is ready to serve and delicious hot or cold. Browse our Specialty Meats/Poultry category for other delicious turkey entrees. Offered by Hickory Farms.

These are truly special turkeys, hand-selected for their plump, meaty breasts, and ready for you to roast. They're pre-basted in a special recipe of fresh butter and natural broth, giving each turkey a rich flavor and moist texture rarely found in birds this size. Just imagine the excitement when this luscious bird arrives as a very special gift. Each Tom Turkey is 18-20 lb. Offered by Hickory Farms

Hand-selected premium turkeys are injected with zesty 'Geaux Juice', then hand rubbed with a secret blend of Cajun seasonings. After marinating overnight, each turkey is deep fried in peanut oil, a process that seals in the juicy spices for an extremely moist and tender turkey. Each Cajun Fried Turkey is wrapped in oven-foil, vacuum sealed and flash frozen. All you do is thaw, heat and slice for an original gourmet treat. Each turkey is 10-12 lbs. Browse our Specialty Meats/Poultry category Offered by Hickory Farms.


Ham dinners from Hickory Farms

Sweet and succulent, this juicy, boneless ham cured with natural honey is the centerpiece for many holiday buffets and dinners. The outer layer of fat is trimmed to 1/8' or less to ensure a tender, moist ham without any waste. Arrives completely cooked, sliced and ready for serving. It can be served hot or cold, to the enjoyment of all. Weighs 5.5-6 lbs. Offered by Hickory Farms.

Our Hickory Farms HoneyGold Ham is a cut above the rest. Slowly smoked for 30 hours over hickory embers and glazed with cinnamon and spices for memorable, mouth-watering flavor. Fully cooked and sliced into generous thick servings, it's ready to serve hot or cold at any special occasion. It's sure to collect compliments. 7 - 9 lbs. Includes FREE ham rack. Offered by Hickory Farms.

This juicy ham is covered with a traditional glaze of pure honey and maple sugar before it's hardwood smoked to lock in its mild, juicy flavor. It's fully cooked and presliced for added convenience. Serve it cold or gently warmed to enhance its naturally sweet flavor. 5 lb. ham is boneless. Offered by Hickory Farms

Everyone's favorite snacks come together in one great gift. Includes 7 oz. American Classic Summer Sausage, 8 oz. Cooked Ham, 3 oz. each Onion and Salami Cheese, two 2 oz. Cheddy Bars, 2 oz. Suisse Bar, 1.5 oz. each Sharpy, Karaway, Cheez-N-Bacon and Spicy Cheese, 1 oz. each Smoky, Celery, Karaway and Garlic Cheeses, two 1 oz. Smoky Chubs, two Gruyere Wedges, 3 oz. each Dijon and Sweet-Hot Mustard, two .5 oz. boxes of Cracked Wheat Wafers and Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms.

Give a gift they'll enjoy year 'round with the new Hickory Farms Champion Cheese Club. All of the cheeses in the Hickory Farms Championship Cheese Club have received awards in recognition of their taste and quality. It's a gift for those who appreciate blue-ribbon quality and taste.

You'll receive: December - 2 lb. Cheddar; February - 2 lb. Swiss April - 2 lb. Colby September - 12 oz. each Swiss & Sharp Cheese Spreads October - 2 lb. Baby Swiss November - 2 lb. Monterey Jack. Offered by Hickory Farms. Also available for 3 and 12 months.

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