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Frontier Airlines Responds to Rising Fuel Costs

Airline institutes several new cost-saving, revenue-generating measures

Frontier Airlines today announced it is making several changes to combat the rising cost of fuel. In addition to successful fuel savings programs already in use by the Company, Frontier is updating miscellaneous fees, revising various policies and charging for a second bag.

For tickets purchased on or after June 10, 2008, Frontier will be adding a $25 fee for a second checked bag.

"We have taken numerous proactive steps to keep our fuel costs as low as possible without impacting our customers," said Frontier President and CEO, Sean Menke. "Unfortunately, we need to review our fee structure to help offset this incredible increase in fuel."

In addition to the fee changes, Frontier continues to successfully implement a number of initiatives designed to reduce aircraft fuel burn, thus partially mitigating the rising cost of oil. Those initiatives include new flight planning software that dynamically optimizes flight tracks and fuel burn based on current air traffic and weather conditions, installation of lighter leather seats on Frontier's aircraft, and utilization of more fuel-efficient Q400 aircraft flown by Lynx Aviation into more markets.

Customers purchasing tickets on or after June 10 will be charged the additional fee for a second checked bag. Customers who have already purchased tickets for travel are exempt from this fee. Frontier's EarlyReturns(R) Summit and Ascent members as well as active duty military personnel will not be charged for a second checked bag.

In addition to the second checked bag fee, the policy for pets traveling in the aircraft cabin will be discontinued, effective June 10, but all existing reservations will be honored. The fee for children traveling alone will increase from $40 to $50 per segment; however, they will be allowed to travel via connection to more destinations within Frontier's system.

Several other policy and fee changes will be taking effect throughout the summer months. Information on all changes can be found at Information on other fuel savings initiatives may be obtained by calling Frontier Airlines Corporate Communications at 720-374-4560.

Source: Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.
DENVER, May 23, 2008/PRNewswire/ --

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