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Host A Memorable Halloween Party (For Adults)

By Chris Molnar

Whether you host a party every year or have always dreamed of doing so, throwing a Halloween party is a fun way to spend this festive holiday. Not only that, but when planned thoughtfully, it can save a lot of money, be tons of fun and totally memorable for you and your guests.

The first thing to do is map out your event. Planning your party can be kind of a pain to get rolling at first, but once you jot some ideas down and get some help from your friends, you’ll have fun with the rest!

Start by calling all of your friends and family that you intend to invite to this fabulous bash and ask them for help.

Every person can donate $10 to $20 depending on how many people there will be or how extensive you want the party to be.

This will cut down the monetary burden on you alone and since you are doing most of the work. Your friends and family should be happy to help.

If money donations are not an option, each person or each two people can work on one aspect of the party and similar to a potluck, bring everything to make the party happen this Hallow’s Eve!

Before planning your lists, Here are some ideas on What to Eat, Drink and How to Party ‘til the break of dawn:

  • Drinks: From Classical Bloody Marys to Ghoulade, Vampiro and Swamp Water, there are many alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks that are all equally fun to choose from. Each of them can be dressed up with fun edibles such as chewy vampire fangs, slimy eyeballs, bugs, mint leaves for your swamp water and extra red food coloring for that bleeding heart look!

Check out this article on some creative bar ideas when hosting a party. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly and to not drink and drive.

  • Ghoulish Grub: Deciding what to eat can be difficult, but once you decide whether you want your food to be themed or not will clear up some confusion.
  • If do want theme style food, I would recommend you coincide your menu plan with the popular costume genre ideas of your guest or come up with a general theme for the party. Example: If the theme for Halloween this year is Vampires and Werewolves, why not serve Red Wine, Rare Meat, Earthworm Noodles (Spaghetti) and Eyeballs (Meatballs)?

If your party is not themed around a central idea, anything you serve is fine, even something simple like pizza or hot dogs. You can even dress it up with eyeball or spider garnish on your dinner plates! The same goes for dessert only spiders can be substitutes for sour worms and sour spiders for a sweeter slimier taste.

  • Costume Contests & the Haunted Hallway: A costume contest is to the discretion of you and your attending guests, but remember to have everyone put prize money or the prizes in if you decide to hold one and are on a budget. Another unique idea is to do something called a “Haunted Hallway.”
  • This is for people with long hallways in their home, a separate room or a decent sized backyard they can use as a sort of haunted house walk-through for their guests.

If you have the time and money or guests are willing to donate, this could be a great addition to your party.  Dress up your area with cobwebs and tombstones and get together with friends to scare the guests when they come your way! Again, if you have a themed party, your haunted walk-through can be tailored to fit the theme of your party.

  • Next is music, games and possibly movies. For music, it is pretty simple. All you need to decide is whether you want a DJ or have one of your most musical friends (or yourself if that is you!) make up some mix CD’s or iPod playlists for the night. I recommend you put some classics like “Monster Mash” and “Time Warp” into your playlists for the night, just for fun. Games are fine whether complicated or simple. If you like playing drinking games simply give them a Halloween theme or match them to your party’s theme to fit the evening.

If you prefer other more traditional games, bobbing for apples is fun and hilarious to watch, especially if your friends have had a delicious cocktail beforehand! Movies are optional and depend on your guests’ interests. I recommend this for a mellower crowd or if your party is going to be totally family oriented. Depending on the circumstance, tailor your scary movie flick choices to the age groups attending the party. 

  • Possible Party Ideas: Great Classical setups such as a vampire party theme, Zombies or 90’s movie murderers are fun as well as more fantastical Faeries, Gods and Goddesses and Comic book Characters.

Other more modern ideas range from the characters of Twilight, True Blood or Underworld to The Avengers or even your favorite Celebrities. Whatever you choose, make it a fun group choice.

Whatever you decide, draft lists for each aspect of your party. This includes drink, food and treat lists complete with needed ingredients to make each of them. Do the same even if you plan to purchase all of your food, drink and treats to use as a handy checklist.

You will also need a list of the decorations you plan to purchase from your local party store or a list of materials needed to make your own decorations. Making your own decorations often saves a lot of money down the road since many party places cash in on this holiday by charging ridiculous prices for simple décor.

After this, draft lists for what music you will play or possible DJ’s, possible horror classics to watch if that is any interest to your group and any costume contests, prize giveaways and other fun games for the night.

Remember to call on your friends and family for help and great ideas. Be creative and when the night of the party arrives, let your wicked spirits soar and enjoy the party with your guests! Good luck and have a Happy Halloween!

Chris Molnar is editor of Halloweenalliance.com. As a favorite pastime, Chris always has a bowl of ketchup chips when watching horror movies! His website includes in-depth tutorials on Halloween props, parties, recipes and costume designs.

Vist ThemeParty.com for more tips on party ideas and themes.

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Throwing a Halloween party for your adult friends with a unique theme lets your guests use their creativity. Not to mention how fun it is to decorate with streamers, balloons and party supplies. For a thriller party, check out Party Themes and costume ideas below from BuyCostumes.com.

Exciting Adult party games and Halloween party ideas!

  • Poker Tournament - Play for money or just for fun.
  • Karaoke or Open Mic - Create your own version of American Idol]
  • Graffiti Mixer - Have guests arrive in white t-shirts and draw on each other with highlighters. Use black light to illuminate what has been written!
  • Murder Mystery - Each guest is assigned to act as a character. Which one will be the cruel murderer?
  • Tug of War - Set up your backyard for the ultimate challenge!
  • Twister - Old fashioned game with new found fun.
  • Sock Hop - Roll with the oldies and turn up Elvis. No shoes allowed!
  • Truth or Dare - Go around in a circle and have each guest pick "truth" or "dare."
  • Boxer Shorts & Bow Tie - Guests arrive in their pajamas, can be naughty or nice!
  • Charades - An oldie but a goodie! No words, just act it out.
  • Shotgun Wedding - Handcuff a couple together for a whole night! Play games, appear in public and embarrass the husband and wife to be...
  • Widow's Ball - Dress all in black and dine out in honor of the dead.
  • White Elephant - Each guest brings a unisex gift and trades with each other until time is up. Open and enjoy!
  • You've Got the Right Stuff Kick it 80's style where mullets are allowed!
  • Black & White - Have guests arrive wearing black or white and use black lights to illuminate the party.
  • Animal House - Every adult must retreat back to their college days...plan a reunion with toga's galore!
  • Phantom of the Opera - Throw your own Masquerade Ball and permit only those with a mask!
  • When I grow up... - Have guests arrive dressed up in the uniform of what they wanted to be when they were 5 years old.