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Gummi Ghouls [36CT Bag]
Buy Now: $7.20

Ghost & Goblin Munch

Godiva Chocolate: 9-pc. Halloween Gift Box 1/4 lb.

Creepy Peepers Filled Chocolate Eyeballs
[2LB Bag]

Gummy Oogles Eyeballs

Availability: Usually ships in
1-2 business days from

  • A squishy marshmallow eyeball with a yummy gummy iris, pupil, and cornea!
  • Texture feels like a real eyeball swirling around in your mouth.
  • Unit Price : $0.90/eyeball.
  • Tub contains 40 Gummy Oogles Eyeballs in an assortment of 6 creepy designs:
  • Frog Eye, Monster Eye, Black Eye, Magic Eye, Bulls Eye, and Fish Eye

Fiber Optic Pumpkin Candy Bowl

List Price:

Sale Price:

$9.00 (20%)

Availability: Usually ships within 2 to 3 days from Target

Face lights up with fiber optic technology
Use as a candy bowl on Halloween night

Insane Brains
Fudge-Filled Chocolates
[2LB Bag]
Buy Now: $9.50

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