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Unique Children's Halloween and Party Ideas

Kids parties are easier to create with so many ideas, prepared themes and information available.

Party planning for either Halloween, a birthday or a holiday is basically the same. The steps, described below, will make it easier to get all steps done in time. These links connect to BuyCostumes.com's extensive catalog of party theme ideas.

  • Decide when you want you hold the party. Use the Party Timeline to plan week by week to get everything done.
  • Choose a theme for the party. Ask your child, or guest of honor, about favorite movie or TV characters.
  • If a theme idea isn't suitable, browse a selection of top 10 theme party kits.

Find more party ideas for teens or adults.

1. Plan your Party Time Line

6 to 8 weeks before the party:

Help child select a theme of his or her choice. View over 130 themes from BuyCostumes.com.
Decide on the number of guests and create an initial guest list.
Decide on the time, duration and location of the party.
Purchase your Party Kit and the matching Favor kits!

3 to 4 weeks before the party:

Mail or deliver the party invitations to your guests.
Choose themed activities appropriate for the age of guests attending.

1 to 2 weeks before the party:

Prepare an agenda for the party.
Purchase any supplies needed for party games and activities.
Test the games or activities so you'll know how to explain the rules.

2 to 3 days before the party:

Contact any guests who have not sent an RSVP.
Shop for groceries, table decor, and solid color kits to match the theme.
Prepare activities, party favors, crafts or cutouts.

The day before the party:

Clean up the party area; vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc...
Bake or pick up the birthday cake.
Call to arrange delivery of subs or pizza. (Easy!)
Book a massage for next week!

6 to 8 hours before the party:

Decorate the party area and table tops.
Put candles in cake and locate the matches or lighter.
Arrange activities in order, and have all supplies ready to go.
Locate a pad of paper to record gifts for Thank You cards.

1 hour before the party:

Dress the guest of honor in costume to match the theme.
Turn on back ground music and adjust room temperature.
Add final touches and blow up balloons, it's going to be a great party!

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2. Select A Party Theme

Exciting party games and party ideas for KIDS!Give kids the time of their life with some new party ideas from the company who knows how to party. Rest assured these party themes and games will add to the fun. Remember, you can add additional guests a la carte at BuyCostumes.com.

Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party Themes

When I grow up... - Let kids come to the party dressed in the uniform of what they want to be when they grow up.

Obstacle Course - Arrange two teams that compete against each other in a homemade obstacle course.

Hayride -
Look up local farms for hayrides or hiking on haunted trails. Have guests dress up as their favorite farm animal.

Crafts -
Have kids create their own treat bags to bring home after the party.

Tye Dye
Let kids tye dye their very own shirt, shorts, socks, or towel.

Scavenger Hunt - Put together a list of odds and ends for kids to go out and find from the neighbors. The pair with most items found, wins!

Back to the 80's - Have kids dress in clothes from the 80's... where mullets were allowed!

Costume Parade -
Prance around in your costume while the judges take a look. Award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Bob for Apples -
Easy to prepare, just dump apples in bin of luke warm water. Let the fun begin!

Pumpkin Carving Contest - Have guests bring their own pumpkin and provide designs and be sure to help kids with the carving.

Dr. Jeckel's Lab - Provide a laboratory of objects in concealed containers and let kids reach inside. i.e. Eyeballs that are really peeled grapes!

Mummy Wrap -
Each team wraps another in toilet paper to create the best mummy. Or, let kids wrap the real "mummy," the host of the party.

Coloring Contest
Make copies of coloring pages and award prizes for staying in the lines.

Beauty Salon -
Hire your babysitter to attend your child's party and do hair and makeup as if in a beauty salon.

Face Painting - Have a clown arrive with face paints and temporary tattoos!

Movie Night - Pop popcorn, serve refreshments and play movies all night long. Compliment the party with PIZZA!

Dance Party - Let kids compete in a dance off. Turn your party go-ers into little disco divas!

Candles, Cutlery, and More...
Party Favor Kits -
Coordinate with each and every theme.
Costumes - Don't forget to dress the guest of honor.
Candles and Cake Supplies
Streamers & Ribbon
Balloons & Helium
Birthday Signs

Baby's First Birthday Supplies - Where did all that time go? Make it "one" to remember!

Little Einstein Party - Perfect for the little genius in your life.

1st Birthday Princess Party Kit - Your little princess will be the belle of her birthday ball!

Littlest Pet Shop -
Gather all your animal friends for the pet shop party!

Hello Kitty - A purr-fect party for your Hello Kitty girl!

SpongeBob Sqaurepants - Create a pineapple under the sea and invite SpongeBob for your next party.

Disney Princess Party Kits
- Join Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and many more for an enchanting day with Disney's Princesses!

Under Construction Party Kit - Build awesome memories when you invite this favorite.

My Little Pony Party Kit - Have a Ponyland party for the whole gang!

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Party Kit - Celebrate the coming of your sweet pea!

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party Kit - A birthday to remember when the Sesame Street characters are your guests of honor. Also available, Sesame Street Party Supplies.

Scooby Doo -
A party filled with Scooby snacks!

Harry Potter Party Supplies -
A favorite for all ages; join Harry Potter and his gang for a wizard good time.

Camo Party Kit
An awesome party for your little soldiers.

Minnie Mouse Party Kit - Have Minnie Mouse join your family and friends for a special birthday.

Safari Party of Jungle Party Kits
For when it's okay to act like a bunch of monkeys!

Hollywood Night-
Roll out the red carpet for your future Hollywood stars.

Nighty Night BaZooples Baby Shower Party Kit - Get ready for an animal filled adventure!

Aloha 16 Party Kit - Celebrate your Sweet 16 on a tropical island Aloha style!

Pooh's First Birthday Party Kit - Add some Pooh-sonality to that important first birthday party.

NASCAR Party Supplies - Racing fans of all ages...start your engines!

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Glamour Girl

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Strawberry Shortcake Princess

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Sparkle Wishes

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One Special Boy

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Princess Party

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The Little Mermaid

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Surf's Up

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Pirates of the Caribbean

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