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Halloween Fangs, Masks and Accesories

Among the hottest Halloween costumes for teens will be vampires and werewolfs. The success of the Twilight movie series has encouraged costume retailers to stock up on fangs, clothing and accesries to fit the dark mood.

We've assembled a collection of popular and cheap halloween masks for adults and children, plus links to more merchandise lines from the web's top costume seller BuyCostumes.com. Put together your own Halloween costume with a very unique mask to suit your style.

Obama masks will be hot again

Deluxe Barack Obama Adult MaskThe hottest selling costume ever last year was the Barack Obama mask. This year, Obama masks will sell out fast.

The Barack Obama and Michelle Obama masks have been top selling for the past two seasons. See a selection of Barack Obama Adults Costumes and Masks.

Top 10 Halloween Masks

This year's top Halloween masks will again reign over the top grossing horror films like Halloween 2 and the Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani adult masks from the 2008 presidential campaign (oooohhh....).

Fangs and Teeth from BuyCostumes.com

Become a vampire or werewolf! Homemade costumes provide a creativity not found in store bought masks and costumes. Specialty items like teeth, fangs and other accessories add that special touch.

Bloody Fright Fangs

High quality, economy plastic tooth caps with adhesive for several wearings. Includes one pair of easy to use fangs to be worn on the top or the bottom and blood capsules.

Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs in Heart Box

These fangs use a specially formulated dental material for fitting which forms a permanent mold of your tooth inside each fang cap. This patented approach means you get a tight, rigid, snap-fit and allows for use again and again. Kit contains everything needed to fit your fangs on the spot with no additional utensils needed. Includes one pair of custom fangs.Not recommended for children under the age of 13, parental discretion advised.

Werewolf Fangs In Coffin Deluxe

The best werewolf teeth available. The closest thing to dentist caps! Held in place by specially formulated Alpha1 Thermoplastic. No adhesive needed. These top quality teeth will make your werewolf or monster costume all the more horrifying! Please Note: Werewolf makeup/mask not included.

Double Upper Fangs In Coffin

The closest thing to dental caps. Create a seductive look! These are held in place by specially formulated Alpha1 Thermoplastic. The Original Snap-fit application. No chemicals or adhesives needed. Completely realistic. Comfortable, Easy to Speak and they won't Fall Out! The best-wearing fangs have been re-designed and streamlined for the natural, perfect fit. These fangs become a part of you. Come in size Medium and Large, our choice please. Also see Custom Vampire Fangs In Coffin, Deluxe.

SMALL Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs Box

These fangs look and feel so natural, your friends will think these are real! Extremely comfortable, and an ideal fit for many women, or anyone else wanting smaller fangs. Easily worn on "fang teeth" or lateral incisor teeth, a simple one-time, 5-minute custom fitting process allows you to reuse your fangs again and again! Just mix the powder & liquid, put that in the fang and push up on your tooth. Includes one pair of fangs, customizing kit, and carry case. Not recommended for children under the age of 13, parental discretion advised.

Billy-Bob Teeth - Braces

The Billy-Bob® Teeth are the original and most famous Novelty Teeth. Worn by rich and poor trailer trash alike. 'Braces™' is a necessity to complete your authentic nerdy look this Halloween! Realistic and comfortable to wear.

Gold Metallic Grillz Teeth

These ultra-thin teeth are truly the next wave in theatrical dental prosthetics. The thin, comfortable, form-fitting denture allows the wearer to speak and act more naturally. The unique customizing kit included creates a snap-fitting, transparent, highly accurate, rigid mold of your own teeth on the inside of the veneer. Ultra-thin veneer form fits in 5 minutes to the front of your teeth leaving your bite surfaces, soft pallet and back of teeth completely uncovered for a new level of comfort and so you can speak naturally! Customize only once for years of use! Fits any mouth size, crooked, missing, small or large teeth. Clips on and off easily! Great for theater, Halloween and gaming! Includes one grill of high grade plastic upper teeth all covered with faux gold caps. One size fits most adults. Instructions included. Intended for ages 13 and up. For entertainment purposes only. Also see Grillz Gold Teeth With Diamond Tip

Fantom Fangs, Bat

Custom fangs that are held into place with denture adhesive. Simply slip over your own K-9's and you'll have a natural Dracula look!

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