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2012 Presidential Mask Poll

Politician masks always make a strong appearance during election years. Sales results of presidential candidate masks may even be able predict the next President by Halloween day.

Which mask will win? Obama, Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich?? Voice your vote and get a mask for 99¢. 1 Mask = 1 Vote.

Check out the latest poll stats. Cast your vote in the BuyCostumes.com Official 2012 Presidential Mask Poll.

Political Mask PollBuyCostumes.com, the world's largest online retailer of costumes and accessories, has 100% successfully predicted the next President of the United States since 2000 based solely on the sales of candidates' masks.

Consider the 2012 presidential election. It is the only election that can be bought! Candidates: tell your supporters to don a mask to guarantee your turn in the White House! Supporters: this may likely be your best means of voting this year.

  • 2000. BuyCostumes.com predicts George Bush victory over Al Gore, 57% to 43%.
  • 2004. BuyCostumes.com predicts George Bush reelection, 53% to 47%.
  • 2008. BuyCostumes.com predicts Barack Obama victory based on mask sales, 55% to 45%.
  • 2012…?

For only $0.99, purchase as many paper masks as you would like for any of the following (potential) candidates for the 2012 presidential election during the 2012 Presidential Mask Poll from BuyCostumes.

Wearing Presidential candidate masks

To customize your Presidential candidate face mask for personal comfort, BuyCostumes.com offers the following suggestions.

  • Try on the mask for correct fit before you intend to wear it (give a "trial run").
  • If the mask shows creases, stuff it with tissue paper and very gently warm it with low heat using a blow dryer.
  • While mask is warm, straighten out any creases or folds. Leave paper in mask until it is completely cool.
  • If mask is fitting loosely away from eyes, add tissue or foam inside of mask to bring eyes as close to eye holes as possible.
  • After wearing, a damp cloth may be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out. Mask must be completely dry before storing.
  • To store the mask, cover it with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying/storing your mask in direct sunlight or excessive heat.

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Presidential Costumes, Masks and Party Ideas

Some of these items are available to ship internationally exclusively from BuyCostumes.com. In the US, orders placed by 4PM CDT are usually shipped on the same day.

Popeye for President of the United States

Popeye for PresidentJust in time for the upcoming U.S. Presidential race in November. Popeye the Sailor stars in "Popeye for President." Watch and download a free public domain copy of "Popeye for President." through our web site.

Vot for Mitt Romney mask for 99¢. The Official Mitt Romney mask includes: One (1) Paper Candidate face Mask. Available in One Size Fits Most. Masks measure approximately 11.5"H x 8"W.

Deluxe Barack Obama Adult MaskOne of the most popular costumes for the 2012 Halloween season may again be the Barack Obama face mask.This Deluxe Barack Obama Adult Mask includes a full face mask that resembles Barack Obama with a big smile. Available in One Size Fits Most Adults. Includes: Mask. Does not include costume. See more Barack and Michelle Obama masks and accessories.