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Great Teen and Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Planning a Halloween party for teenagers was once a daunting task. There seems so many options, themes and potential pitfalls.

As a parent planning a parent for teenagers, it's important to know what your teens like to watch in the movies or on TV to gain some ideas. As a teenager planning a party, good party ideas are vital for a successful event.

6 to 8 weeks before the party:

Help child select a theme of his or her choice. View Party Themes.
Decide on the number of guests and create an initial guest list.
Decide on the time, duration and location of the party.
Purchase your Party Kit and the matching Favor kits!

3 to 4 weeks before the party:

Mail or deliver the party invitations to your guests.
Choose themed activities appropriate for the age of guests attending.

1 to 2 weeks before the party:

Prepare an agenda for the party.
Purchase any supplies needed for party games and activities.
Test the games or activities so you'll know how to explain the rules.

2 to 3 days before the party:

Contact any guests who have not sent an RSVP.
Shop for groceries, table decor, and solid color kits to match the theme.
Prepare activities, party favors, crafts or cutouts.

The day before the party:

Clean up the party area; vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc...
Bake or pick up the birthday cake.
Call to arrange delivery of subs or pizza. (Easy!)
Book a massage for next week!

6 to 8 hours before the party:

Decorate the party area and table tops.
Put candles in cake and locate the matches or lighter.
Arrange activities in order, and have all supplies ready to go.
Locate a pad of paper to record gifts for Thank You cards.

1 hour before the party:

Dress the guest of honor in costume to match the theme.
Turn on back ground music and adjust room temperature.
Add final touches and blow up balloons, it's going to be a great party!

Brought to you compliments of the party experts, BuyCostumes.com

Party games and party ideas for teenagers

Give your guests the time of their life with some new party ideas from the party experts.

BuyCostumes.com has thousands of costumes and party supplies for all ages. They also have hundreds of party ideas- with or without costumes. These party themes and games will keep party guests at ease.

Check out costumes for Teens and Tweens to compliment fun party ideas below!

  • Apples to Apples - A great game that lets guests learn about likes and dislikes! A hit for all ages
  • Black & White - Have guests arrive wearing only black or white clothing. Then use black lights to illuminate the party.
  • Charades - An oldie but a goodie! No words, just act out the words or phrases written on cards - tie to the theme for extra fun.
  • Fiesta - Decorate and celebrate with nachos, a pinanta and fun music too to salsa to!
  • Horror Movie Night - Invite guests over to watch super scary, Halloween and horror movies.
  • Tug of War - Set up your backyard for the ultimate challenge between couples or sex
  • Widow's Ball - Dress all in black and dine out in honor of the dead.
  • Karaoke or Open Mic - Create your own version of American Idol and Making the Band.
  • Murder Mystery- Each guest is assigned to act as a character. Which one will be the trickster in the end?
  • Phantom of the Opera - Throw your Masquerade Ball and permit only those with a mask!

Dora Party Kits make planning easier

To make party planning less of a chire, some companies have prepared party kits with all of the fixings. Party kits take the headache over making sure the details are followed. Kits include party favors for up to a dozen guests.

Dora & Friends Deluxe Party KitThis year, one of the more popular party kits is the Dora & Friends Deluxe Party Kit for eight party guests.

This complete package includes eight each of 9" Dora & Friends Dinner Plates, 7" Dora & Friends Dessert Plates, 9 oz. Dora & Friends Paper Cups. There are 16 Dora & Friends Lunch Napkins, 8 Dora & Friends Guest Invitations and 8 Thank You Postcards with envelopes.

The party kit also contains a 24 Piece Magenta Cutlery Set with forks, spoons and knives for eight. Pastel Assorted Cake Candles for 24 and one 54" x 96" Dora & Friends Plastic Tablecover topped with a Dora & Friends Centerpiece helps set the table. A half dozen Dora 11" Latex Balloons (assorted colors), a dozen 12" Latex Balloons - 6 each; Satin Raspberry and Deep Jade help in decorations. An 18" Foil Dora & Friends Themed Balloon with balloon cup and stick, three 81' Crepe Streamers* - 1 each; Hot Pink, Holiday Green and Sapphire Blue and three 75' Curling Ribbons* - 1 each; Orange, Emerald and Daffodil are included in this kit. Find out more about the Dora & Friends Deluxe Party Kit

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