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Fun and Unusual Jack O’Lantern Ideas for Halloween

By Chris Molnar

Everybody knows how to smile a scary face on a pumpkin and maybe you are thinking that this year you would like to have a different type of visage for your pumpkins. Here are some ideas for some unusual Jack O' Lanterns.

The Emoticon Jack O' Lantern

You have been texting and instant messaging those little emoticon smiley faces for years. How about making a contemporary Halloween pumpkin out of some of the expressions associated with this icon.

You could quite simply make the smiley face that we all know and love. This simply means carving eyes with pupils intact and a smile. Forget the nose! You could also make a frowning emoticon, a surprised one or whatever you like.

The Typographic Emoticon Pumpkin

Yet another idea is to carve the emoticon like you would type it into your keyboard. So you would carve a colon and a parenthesis as in ; ) sideways into the pumpkin flesh. You could also do ;( and ; 0 or ;P and all the other variations of this.

Horned Jack O' Lantern

Want to make your pumpkin carving look especially evil? Carve a demonic face into it and then attach a pair of novelty devil horns onto it’s head. For extra effect you can always polish the pumpkin flesh red with red food coloring or watercolor paint. You can also dye a pumpkin whole by dropping into a bucket full of commercial dye for just a few minutes. This would be great as part of a Halloween cemetary setup.

The Giant Eyeball

Instead of treating the pumpkin surface as if it is a face, why not treat it as if it is a giant eyeball instead. You could carve an eyeball shape right into the pumpkin surface. With this type of design you can break into the surface of the pumpkin flesh so red candlelight shines through.

Polka Dot Pumpkins

Who says that every pumpkin carved has to have a face? Just hollow out a pumpkin and then take a drill and make a pumpkin that looks like it is covered in polka dots. You can also make all kinds of ridges and swirled looking designs using this method. Concentric circles and paisleys also look nice carved into a pumpkin this way.

Pac Man Pumpkin

You don?t have to necessarily have to hollow out a pumpkin completely to get a great effect. An example is the Pac Man Pumpkin Face. This entails cutting a wedge out of the pumpkin so that it looks like a wide open gobbling mouth. You then use a citrus peeler to carve eyes and eyelashes to go on the icon.

Painted Pumpkins

You do not have to have a candle inside a pumpkin and you do not have to use knives to carve a face either. You can simply use paint to put goofy or creepy faces on the pumpkins. Glow in the dark neon green or pink paint looks great and so do the metallic shades like gold and silver. Painting a whole pumpkin is a nice project that you can do with your kids. As part of your Halloween decor, you can buy a bunch of ornamental gourds and paint them all different colors, then place them as part of a ghoulish pumpkin patch by your doorway!

Chris Molnar is editor of Halloweenalliance.com. As a favorite pastime, Chris always has a bowl of ketchup chips when watching horror movies! His website includes in-depth tutorials on Halloween props, parties, recipes and costume designs.

Vist ThemeParty.com for more tips on party ideas and themes.

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