Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Baskets and Gift Ideas

Hickory Farms has been a tradition in gourmet gifts for over 55 years.

This year, sending a gift basket online from Hickory Farms will enhance the holiday celebration by adding a bit of nostalgia.

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Make this holiday one they'll remember - with our festive green holiday basket filled with 14 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 14 oz American Classic, 8 oz Canned Ham, 6.5 oz Marbled Cheddar, 1 lb Aged Cheddar, 10 oz Smoky Cheese Log, 10 oz Sweet Hot Mustard, 9 oz Smoky Bar, 5 oz each Cracked Wheat and Old Fashioned Crackers, 14 oz Melt Away Mints, 4.4 oz Shortbread Cookies, 3 oz Mixed Nuts, 2 oz Holiday Crackers, 2 oz Assorted Chocolates, 2 oz Christmas Celebration Coffee and 4 ct Petits Fours. B Offered by Hickory Farms

All wrapped up and ready to give - and receive. Seven festive boxes filled with delicious Hickory Farms treats: 7 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 7 oz American Classic, 1.3 oz Old Fashioned Crackers, 4 oz each Smoky and Chedam cheeses, 6.5 oz Apple Pie Cheddar, 3 oz Date Nut Bread, 8 oz Mixed Nuts, 4 ct Petits Fours, 6 oz Holiday Jordan Almonds, 10 oz Ribbon Candy and Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms

Red, white and green Jordan Almonds help to brighten the holiday season. 19 ounce also available. Offered by Hickory Farms

Indulge someone you love (or yourself) with our Holiday Truffles. Our smooth, delicious chocolate centers are covered in creamy chocolate and Swiss creme. Each is then carefully hand decorated. Assortment includes milk and dark chocolate truffle centers. Gift box of 24. Offered by Hickory Farms

Something for everyone to enjoy: Sweet Crown Comice pears, Mission apples, smoked Gouda, roasted mixed nuts, shortbread cookies and a bag of cranberry almond bark. Net wt. 9.5 lbs. Available for delivery October through December. Offered by Hickory Farms


Your gift is delivered every three months (December, March, June, and September). Plans available for various periods.

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Share the spirit of the season with our Holiday Splendor Gift Basket. We designed this red pail with tree cut outs and filled it with 14 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 14 oz Garlic Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 12 oz Hot Pepper Bar, 9 oz Smoky Bar, 14 oz Melt Away Mints, 10 oz Malted Milk Chocolate Balls, 10 oz Sweet Hot Mustard Squeezer, 5 oz Rounds 'O Rye, 5 oz Old Fashioned Crackers, 2 oz each Christmas Celebration and Columbian Supremo Coffees and Strawberry Bon Bons. Basket measure 16.5' x 10' x Offered by Hickory Farms

Holiday Favorites
Gift Basket

There is no finer way to treat a family to all of their holiday favorites than to give them the Holiday Favorites gift basket. This useful hamper style basket is filled with the finest fruit from Mission Orchards. Our exclusive Crown Comice pears, delicious Mission red and green apples, crackers, Apple Pie Cheddar, Gouda cheese, Mission Orchards sausage and our own caramel fruit dip. All the best for your family. Net wt 6.25 lbs. Available for delivery through mid January.

Eight varieties of old-fashioned homemade goodness... pinwheels, jam biscuits and jelly stars to name a few. 4.5 pounds of rich flavorful cookies make this abundant Stars n' Stripes tin appropriate for an office party or any other large group. Net wt. 4 1/2 lb. tin

3 lb. Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 1 lb. Aged Cheddar Cheese, 14 oz. each American Classic Summer Sausage and Smoky Mesquite Sausage, 10 oz. Mild Cheddar Horn, 9 oz. each Mission Jack and Smoky Bar, 7 oz. each New York Style Cheddar and Gouda, 6.5 oz. Marbled Cheddar, 6.25 oz. each Sweet-Hot and Honey Mustards, 5.25 oz. each Apple and Peach Butters, 4.4 oz. Water Crackers, 4.4 oz. Shortbread Cookies, 2.75 oz Strawberry Preserves and 8 ct. English Breakfast Tea. Offered by Hickory Farms

A traditional gift at Christmas time, the Crown Comice pear is large and exquisite with sweet flesh and fruit-filled fragrance. Our Holiday basket includes these wonderful pears along with many holiday favorites. Old time Christmas mix, holiday spice drops, cream mint straws and chocolate candies. This basket is the perfect holiday gift for someone special on your list. Net wt. 5.5 lbs. Available for delivery mid October through mid January

Four seasonal flavors, pleasing everyone at your holiday table. Melt into the Pumpkin, Eggnog, Cranberry Orange, and Peppermint. This cheesecake sampler tastes as wonderful as it's decorated. Each cheesecake is 3 1/4 lb (12 slices) presliced, 9' Offered by Hickory Farms

We've made our popular Holiday Petits Fours even more irresistible! With holiday decorations exclusive to us. Enjoy our moist chocolate, yellow and white bite-size cakes layered with rich butter creme filling. Each is carefully hand-dipped and decorated to create very special gifts. Gift box of 24. Offered by Hickory Farms

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Not sure what to give? Let them decide with a Hickory Farms Gift Certificate. Hickory Farms Gift Certificates are redeemable for merchandise at HICKORYFARMS.com, any Hickory Farms store or for Hickory Farms catalog purchases (For print certificate orders, we will send your gift recipient a current Hickory Farms catalog along with their gift certificate).

Enjoy the holidays and satisfy snacking urges at least 365 ways with one 14 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, one 12 oz Turkey Stick, 7 oz each Chedam and Chavarti, 6 oz Smoked Gouda,4 oz each Smoky Bar, two Smooth N Sharp Cheeses, Hot Pepper and Alpinzel Swiss Cheeses, plus 3 oz Sweet Hot Mustard, 4 oz Cranberry Mustard and Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms

Conceived by an Austrian master chef and perfected in Hickory Farms Sweet Elegance kitchens, our Dobish Torte is a confectionary masterpiece. Delicious and decadent, the showy, six-layered triumph of feather-light cake and creamy chocolate filling is covered with satin chocolate frosting and decorated with three snowmen. Net wt. 11 oz. Offered by Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms Grand
Gourmet Gift Basket

We've packed this market basket with all your favorites. It's perfect to send to your best friend or client. Tucked inside they'll find: 2 lb Beef Stick Summer Sausage,14 oz Garlic Beef Stick, 12 oz Turkey Stick with Honey, 9 oz Smoky Bar, 6 oz Smoked Gouda,6 oz Butterkase Round,4 oz each Smooth N Sharp and Hot Pepper Triangles, 14 oz Melt Away Mints, 6 oz Peanut Brittle, 3 oz Mixed Nuts,10 oz Sweet Hot Mustard, 8 oz Holiday Crackers, 5 oz each Cracked Wheat and Old Fashioned Crackers, 5 oz. Offered by Hickory Farms

Stack up dozens of layers of paper-thin filo dough, hand -buttered and sprinkled with walnuts, to make this unequaled dessert treat. Then, drench in a richly flavored orange blossom honey syrup and bake golden brown - or order ours! Net wt. 3 lbs. Offered by Hickory Farms

Kick off the holiday season with our Holiday Opener basket. This wicker basket is filled with 10 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 10 oz Garlic Beef Stick, 6 oz Smoked Gouda,4 oz each Smooth N Sharp and Hot Pepper triangles, 2 oz Christmas Celebration coffee, 2 oz Columbian Supremo coffee, 1.3 oz Old Fashioned Crackers and two 1.25 oz Sweet Hot Mustards. Basket measures 14 in x 10 in x 3 in. Offered by Hickory Farms

Do you know folks who can't be home for the holidays? So they won't feel so far from home, send them the down home 'comfort foods' found in a Hickory Farms gift pack. This tasty assortment includes two 14 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausages, 14 oz American Classic Summer Sausage, 7 oz each of Chedam and Chavarti, 6 oz Butterkase, two .5 oz Wafers, 3 oz Sweet Hot and Honey Mustards, 1.5 oz Blueberry and Cinnamon Apple Preserves and Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms

Most mailboxes are filled with holiday cards at this time of year, but our whimsical Snowman Mailbox is filled with Hickory Farms goodies - 7 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, 4 oz Smoky Bar, 2 oz Christmas Celebration Coffee, 3 oz Sweet Hot Mustard, 1.3 oz Old Fashioned Crackers and a 1.25 oz Mini Chocolate Torte. Wooden mailbox measures 8 1/4 in x 4 in x 6 in. Offered by Hickory Farms

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