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For over 55 years, Hickory Farms has been a tradition in gourmet foods and gifts.

And for good reason: Tasteful gifts of our award-winning Beef Stick Summer Sausages, delectable cheeses, specialty meats, gourmet desserts, fresh fruit, premium steaks, candies and nuts that are easy to give - and always delicious to receive.


This grand assortment features our award-winning 7 oz. Beef Stick and 7 oz. American Classic Summer Sausage. We complement the smoky flavor of our Hickory Farms Sausage with 4 oz. each of Smooth N' Sharp and Alpinzel Cheese, 3.75 oz. each of Concorde Chedd'r and Havarti Cheese Spread, and top it off with Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms

To create our award-winning Hickory Farms Beef Stick Summer Sausage, we use only premium corn-fed beef from the heartland of America. Then we smoke it, not once but twice, for a unique flavor and aroma. Perfected by Hickory Farms, and the recipient of many awards, our always-popular Beef Stick is a delicious tradition in holiday entertaining and gift-giving. Better order several for family and friends - and yourself Offered by Hickory Farms

A traditional favorite, this pack features six 5.5 oz. tins of Roasted Salted, Onion & Garlic Flavored, Smoked Hickory Smoke Flavored, Barbecue Flavored, Roasted Blanched Salted and Cheese Flavored Almonds. Our #1 favorite gift. Offered by Hickory Farms

A well rounded sampler of our most popular nutmeats and flavors. One 5.5 oz. can each of Whole Natural, Smoked Hickory Smoke Flavored, Onion & Garlic Flavored, Roasted Blanched Salted, Cheese Flavored, Barbecue Flavored, Roasted Salted, Hot & Spicy Flavored, Taco Flavored and Honey Cinnamon Flavored Almonds. Plus one 4.75 oz. can of Roasted Salted Pistachios and a 5.5 oz. can of Roasted Salted Cashews. Offered by Hickory Farms

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Enjoy the holidays and satisfy snacking urges at least 365 ways with one 14 oz Beef Stick Summer Sausage, one 12 oz Turkey Stick, 7 oz each Chedam and Chavarti, 6 oz Smoked Gouda,4 oz each Smoky Bar, two Smooth N Sharp Cheeses, Hot Pepper and Alpinzel Swiss Cheeses, plus 3 oz Sweet Hot Mustard, 4 oz Cranberry Mustard and Strawberry Bon Bons. Offered by Hickory Farms. More Holiday Gift Basket ideas from Hickory Farms

Truly a gift from the sea, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is a delicacy to be shared at a holiday brunch or buffet. Our Smoked Salmon is slowly smoked over alder wood, without preservatives or artificial coloring, for a delicate balanced flavor. Special gold pouch keeps it moist and flavorful; no refrigeration necessary. Includes an entire side of salmon ( 20 oz minimum) Offered by Hickory Farms

Coffee? Hickory Farms? Sure! We remember each morning brewing special blends of coffee in our stores. The aroma drawing customer in and greeting them with a friendly 'Hello!' and our ever-present smile. Ahh yes, good times indeed. So, join the club! It's a great way for us to keep in touch! You'll receive: Feb - Double Chocolate Fudge, May - French Vanilla, June - Hazelnut, Aug - Strudeldoodle, Oct - Pumpkin Spice, Dec - Christmas Celebration. 2 (14 oz.) bags each delivery. Offered by Hickory Farms

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